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  1. Yeah, it was snowing great while we were sledding, which made it difficult to sled. Right now, the visibility is really low, though. So, it’s fun to watch it fall back from the warmth of the house. Back down to 28 degrees. 29 was the high.
  2. Just got back in from a couple hours of sledding with the family. It was great, except that the wind is so fierce it would blow in your face. Also, it’s such a fine powder, it took a while to get a good track laid. The tubes worked better than the traditional plastic sleds. It’s impossible to know how much we have now, but it is pouring snow at the moment. Most areas in the yard measure between 8 and 9, but that was beaten down by sleet for a few hours, so it may be actually closer to 10 or so. Dunno. Lots of fun here!
  3. Oh, and we’re up to around 8 total inches of mostly snow and a little sleet.
  4. Still sleeting here in Black Mountain. Temp has risen to 28 too. It was 23 about two hours ago. Really hoping it switches back to snow soon.
  5. Back to heavy sleet here now in Black Mountain again.
  6. Big puffy cotton balls coming down now. Just a little bit of sleet mixed in. Biggest flakes so far today.
  7. The mountains block the radar beams. There’s not a good radar to properly analyze what is happening over the mountains.
  8. Changing over to a mix of snow, sleet, and graupel here in Black Mountain.
  9. Is that the Lake Hickory bridge on US 321?
  10. Still hard to measure because of the wind. I measured anywhere from 7 to 9 inches in the grass out in the open. I’m gonna go with a conservative 7.5 inches, but it might be more. Still snowing steadily, though not as heavily as it was just a bit ago.
  11. Yeah, the dry slot is failing to transition further east, for now. Radar looks great.
  12. All snow here in Black Mountain still. Hard to get a good measurement because of how windy it is here and my in laws have no big trees around them. The wind just sweeps it all around. The deck looks like only 2 inches on the railing, therefore. Out in the grass, I took four different measurements: two sixes and two sevens. Average of 6.5. Drop out another half inch for grass inflation, and we easily have 6 inches total here! Took a long walk out and about Owen High School. If you know the area, it is brutal on top of the hill near the Presbyterian Children’s Home. The wind sweeps across the road and just flings the snow in your face. I love it, though! This is awesome! Glad to hear we got about 5.5 inches back in Hickory before it has since changed to sleet. That’s amazing for that area.
  13. Thanks so much, @avianman. We made the decision to ride out the storm in Black Mountain, so I’m curious what conditions are back home. It’s windy up here with steady snow. Take some good measurements for me. I’m in NW Hickory too, so I’ll use your backyard totals for my stats since I can’t take them myself. 3.5 already is great! Hopefully, you can keep that transition line to your south and east.
  14. Anybody have reports out of Hickory? mPing is showing a lot of snow reports, but I’m curious what is on the ground now.
  15. Man, that dry slot is going to be here in about 2 hours, at the most, now. Hope we can snow at least 1 inch per hour until then. That would put us at about 4 inches, if so. Reporting from Black Mountain.
  16. Just getting up here in Black Mountain. It appears to only be about 2 inches on the deck right now. Thought there would be quite a bit more by this time seeing the reports from you other guys above. It’s decent rates right now, so we will see how this adds up. Congrats on those down the mountain getting in on it. @strongwxnc
  17. Hickory with more than Asheville on the HRRR? I better not have made the wrong choice. Nah, it’s good. Playing games with family, watching NFL playoffs, and waiting on the morning light.
  18. Spaghetti all around, it seems. Except for @Met1985. He’s going high class with the ribeye.
  19. Just finished some nice salad, spaghetti, and garlic bread here in Black Mountain. Currently 36/29. My mother-in-law liked my Vantage Vue so much that she picked up one too. So, all the comforts of home (weather-speaking) here too. =)
  20. At the in-laws in Black Mountain. Flurries started on Old Fort Mountain on I-40. Light flurry action here at their house too. Turned on the game and saw Chris Justus break in with those same maps @strongwxnc posted above. We are right on the western border of his 12+ stripe. He is much more bullish than is the NWS. Fingers crossed. Let’s get this show started!
  21. In laws reporting flakes in Black Mountain! Sent from my moto e5 supra using Tapatalk
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