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  1. I have yet to see a flake IMBY, but my wife said she saw a few out and about driving around.
  2. Hey! The foothills thread! King of downsloping! That’s where it’s at! Living in the shadow of the Apps… .
  3. Closed with 4.26 inches IMBY. Hit the “over”! @wncsnow, how did we all do with our bets? I think @strongwxnc may be the only “under” that hit, right?
  4. Just found an article on WCNC: https://www.wcnc.com/article/weather/severe-weather/claremont-nc-local-deadly-severe-weather/275-98ae98cc-e989-4632-aae9-6fc2e4f18d98
  5. Yeah, I have a colleague whose husband works in the sheriff's department here. Supposedly it went through a mobile home park. One confirmed death and multiple people trapped in their residences, according to her. How do tornadoes seem to always find mobile home parks?
  6. This didn't age well... Pouring buckets and I am over the 3.5-inch mark and closing in on 4.
  7. Over 2.3 inches now IMBY. I will retract my comment about closing schools for a rainstorm. It may not be too bad here (yet), but the mountain counties seem to really be taking a beating based on the comments above. This could really wash out some roads and sides of mountains up there.
  8. I need a "WOW" emoji to choose from in the list of reaction icons on each post, but there's not one. I will have to go with this emoji inside the body of a reply: Oh, and I just broke the 2-inch threshold IMBY.
  9. Just broke the 1.70 mark a short while ago. Four is within reach, but I was honestly expecting more by now. We will see...
  10. I’ll take the over on all those numbers, including @Met1985. Systems have been overperforming lately. I think we’re going to get rocked with heavy rain even though I still think it’s crazy we are closing school for it. We all know @Rainforrest can squeeze an inch of rain out of a bit of fog, so 6+ will be easy to make for him. After him, @strongwxnc should report the greatest totals. So, I think you’re all over it with these predictions.
  11. As are Catawba, Burke, and Alexander counties. I just don't understand these closings for rain storms, but maybe it's the right call. Back in my day,... I can't wait to tell my kids about all the rain angels we can make in the yard tomorrow...
  12. Drove from Hickory to Knoxville this morning, leaving Hickory around 10 AM. Never got below freezing in Hickory - a total nothing-burger. Was 35 when I left. Temp fell slowly as I drove west. Ice began to show in the treetops once I got west of Marion. Coldest temp observed was 33, right at the top of Old Fort Mountain. Trees were all glazed over all the way up the mountain. It was quite beautiful. By the time I got to the Swannanoa exit about 7 miles away, the temp had risen to 40 and the sun was peeking through. Just an amazing demonstration of cold-air damming in action and how different the weather conditions can be on either side of the Ridgecrest pass at the top of Old Fort Mountain. High temp on my drive was right around the NC state line where it got above 50! By the time I reached Knoxville, it was drizzly and back down to low 40s again. Weather is truly interesting as it changes due to geography, and sometimes it’s the opposite of what you would expect.
  13. From GSP: As of 1040 PM EST Friday: Temps were running a few degrees warmer than forecast thanks to thick cloud cover streaming across the forecast area. Populated in the latest OBS to get the hourly temps back on track. Seeing some light returns tracking across NE GA, the western SC Upstate and the southern NC mountains this evening. If any of this activity is managing to reach the ground, it`s doing so in the form of drizzle. Cloud cover will continue to thicken through the next hour or so, limiting radiational cooling and leading to lows around 3-6 degrees above climo. However, temps are still expected to drop near or below freezing mainly north of I-85 later tonight. .
  14. 34.8/29 here in NE Hickory. Don’t think this will be much of an event here at all. .
  15. Speaking of the old timers, anyone seen @jburns recently? One of the OG mods in this regional subforum. .
  16. Finished the event with 5.64 inches of rainfall. Wow. .
  17. Just got home. We have gotten 4.71 inches at the house here in NE Hickory, and it is still coming down. I understand we may get up to another inch overnight. Pretty crazy for a rather unadvertised event.
  18. At the in-laws in Black Mountain. 3.46 inches here and rain is still falling, despite no overhead radar returns. Anxious to see my totals in Hickory when we return later this evening.
  19. Lots of fun watching this KSU v ISU game tonight on FOX. It’s just been dumping snow. Hope we get to experience something like that this year. It’s been a while. .
  20. Finished with 1.75 inches of rainfall from yesterday’s event here in NW Hickory. Very much needed. .
  21. Wow! Over two inches in Maggie Valley? We got 0.12 IMBY in Hickory. .
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