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  1. 1 hour ago, Tigerchick224 said:

    Hi! Not sure where to put this, so feel free to remove if necessary.

    I am currently a second grade teacher and have been the past twelve years and I can say I am no longer happy. Weather has always been a passion of mine, and the older I get and the less time I have left, the more I want to go for it.

    However, math was always a weak spot for me. I noticed with some of the programs I am looking at, a lot of Calculus is necessary. I haven’t taken that type of math in 13 years. emoji30.png

    For meteorologists on the board, do your have any useful tips or suggestions on how to do well on the math that comes with a weather degree? Thank you in advance.

    I am not a meteorologist, but I’ve got a pretty good background in mathematics.  Having taught the calculus sequence for many years, I can tell you that most students do not find the concepts of calculus that difficult.  However, the algebra required to manipulate expressions so that the calculus can be applied is where they get tripped up.  My suggestion:  really brush up on your algebra skills.  Practice, practice, practice with your ability to factor complex polynomial, rational, and transcendental expressions.  If you can do that well, you won’t have much difficulty with taking derivatives and integrals.

    Best wishes with wherever you decide to pursue your degree in meteorology.  Don’t be afraid to talk to your professors and seek their help outside of class.  Most will actually appreciate that you are interested in learning and are willing to apply yourself.

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  2. 17 minutes ago, WxKnurd said:

    Can’t tell what’s blowing snow and what’s the light snow and diamond dust that’s been falling pretty much all morning.  It would SLOWLY be adding up if not for the wind.  Temp has been holding steady at 19 even with the sun peaking through and it being past 10 am now.  

    Same problem here in Black Mountain.  The wind is fierce!  I think most of the snow is just blowing, as most of the snow showers appear confined to the border counties according to radar, but I’m not positive.  Visibility is less than a tenth of a mile right now.  Crazy.

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  3. Incredibly windy here in Black Mountain this morning.  The windows were rattling at various times over night.  Want to get back out and go sledding again, but it looks bitterly cold out there.

    It snowed quite a bit more last night, but I can’t tell for certain how much because the wind has once again blown it all around.  So, we have somewhere between 10 and 12 inches of snowfall here for a final count.  Awesomeness!

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  4. 2 minutes ago, sarcean said:

    Black Mountain a little higher up has been getting quarter sized flakes for well over an hour now. No evidence of the few times I have been outside as it all had been covered.


    completely dumping right now 

    Yeah, it was snowing great while we were sledding, which made it difficult to sled.  Right now, the visibility is really low, though.  So, it’s fun to watch it fall back from the warmth of the house.  Back down to 28 degrees.

    29 was the high.

  5. Just got back in from a couple hours of sledding with the family.  It was great, except that the wind is so fierce it would blow in your face.  Also, it’s such a fine powder, it took a while to get a good track laid.  The tubes worked better than the traditional plastic sleds.

    It’s impossible to know how much we have now, but it is pouring snow at the moment.  Most areas in the yard measure between 8 and 9, but that was beaten down by sleet for a few hours, so it may be actually closer to 10 or so.  Dunno.

    Lots of fun here!  :D

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  6. 2 minutes ago, BhamParker said:

    What radar station do you guys use for this area on RadarScope? I’m using Greenville Spartanburg, but nothing seems to be really good. The returns have hardly matched what I’m seeing from the sky 

    The mountains block the radar beams.  There’s not a good radar to properly analyze what is happening over the mountains.

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