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  1. At the in-laws in Black Mountain.  Flurries started on Old Fort Mountain on I-40.  Light flurry action here at their house too.  Turned on the game and saw Chris Justus break in with those same maps @strongwxnc posted above.  We are right on the western border of his 12+ stripe.  He is much more bullish than is the NWS.  Fingers crossed.  Let’s get this show started!

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  2. 20 minutes ago, Sandstorm94 said:

    With over 4 days below freezing after this06d266cabf7c6dc2593f3d1e2dbe06f5.jpg

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    That snow map is “Total Snow” and would incorporate everything getting ready to fall in the western half of the state.  Thus, it’s really big for the east, and the west is on the fringe.  For now.

  3. 40 minutes ago, NorthHillsWx said:

    This needs to be said: be very, very weary of the thermal profile depicted by the NAM. That model absolutely excels in CAD scenarios such as this. I’d be extremely concerned even in mountain areas if subsequent runs show that warm nose cutting snow off 1/2 way through the storm as this run did, that run was awful for everyone and sadly I give it heightened credence given that models excellent track record nailing warm noses in CAD events. Watch that trend 

    I am very weary of NAM thermal profiles.  They have tired me out completely today worrying about their significance.  Thus, I'm also wary of what they are showing.  :D

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  4. 13 minutes ago, wncsnow said:

    It was not a good run even for western folks due to later arrival and less precip. 

    Yeah, that was pretty horrific overall, even for mountain valleys.  Only the high elevations looked good from the 3K NAM.  The onset of precipitation was much later than with the other models, too.  Ugh.

  5. 1 hour ago, HKY_WX said:

    Any of you guys have a davis weather station or some similar? I've been thinking of getting one for months but might bite the bullet and do it. Any recommendations?

    I love my Davis Vantage Vue.  Had one for probably 12 years now.  Does great on temperature and rain measurements.  Easy to setup and transmits to an in-house receiver with all kinds of cool graphs, measurements, etc.

    You can also use their software program to keep records and do whatever else you might wish to do with it.

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