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  1. I have been trying to remind myself while gazing at the long range that we were told a couple of things by these SSW experts: 1. They do not always lead to cold and snow for the eastern US. That said, they can still have a major effect on the pattern, most of us just don't really care if it doesn't deliver(myself included). 2. Cohen talked extensively about a trickle down effect for us. We are usually third in line on these deals anyway. Siberia/China are first and they had historic high pressure/cold a week ago. Europe is second and I just saw some buried cabins in the Alps and a bunch of crazy snow pics from Madrid. So maybe this shows up by February here. I think I remember reading there was often as much as a 30 day lead time on effects for us. Maybe we are rushing it?? I get it, even those of us who know better want to see some pretty maps on the ops or ensembles to feel better.
  2. Measured .3 on the snowboard. Still snowing lightly, temp of 28. Some of the roads were snow covered when I was out earlier.
  3. Ended up with 1.5" total on the snowboard. Secondary roads were awful when I was out checking for the school system last night. Got sideways twice coming off the big hill. Not sure how to shrink the pics to fit? Sorry, getting old and left behind on the technology.
  4. Looks like the southern Plateau may get blasted if those heavy returns in NE Alabama keep on their current trajectory.
  5. Just saw a picture on the Nashville news of a full size snowman in Summertown. OHX has now expanded the WWA across their southern counties.
  6. I like that the 12k and 3k NAM as well as the RGEM are actually bringing some accums to even some non Plateau areas back into middle TN. This one is going to be close. Pretty good spread on the boom or bust potential for the southeastern half of mid TN and the valley locations in east TN.
  7. Pretty good snow shower just passed through here. Wasn't really expecting it. Briefly whitened the car tops.
  8. Webber has pointed out the likelihood for a greater percentage of Miller A's or hybrids with the potential pattern later in January and through February. Anyone willing to share what that might mean for our general area?
  9. Sounds like they've shut it down for a couple of weeks by cancelling the games with Gonzaga and Notre Dame. At this point they might as well all get it just to get it over with.
  10. Sorry just now seeing this. Nope, I can talk cows, chickens, bees, and firewood. That's about the extent of my country living.
  11. 49 at 1:00 in the afternoon on May 6th. Ughh! I'm going to have to bring another load of firewood to the back porch for this weekend.
  12. Great find! That's the most narrow heavy snow band I've been in. I'm right on the edge of the bright band on the sat pic in the link. Think we got about 5-6" here. Maybe 20-25 miles wide.
  13. Similar back this way. I had a mix most of the way into Lewisburg. However, when I went over the ridge at about 1100' it was almost all snow.
  14. I just measured 1.6" on the snowboard here southwest of Lewisburg. Slept through the whole thing.
  15. I think you may mean days since Nashville has had greater than 1" of snow. We've had snow in most every winter month since then, but they have been Trace amounts or minor measureable accumulations.
  16. Gets even better out in fantasy land with a Deep South slider and an end of run arctic blast that provides a state wide snowfall. If only.......
  17. No doubt that it seems late winter has been producing better than mid winter for the last decade or so. Maybe the lengthening wavelengths negate whatever pattern/climate problems or bad luck we've had in the heart of winter. I was mostly lamenting that 13-14 and 14-15 had the potential to bust the area out of the long term snow drought. Nashville is way overdue a 20"+ year, or at least a couple of 15" years in a row. You can't convince me that at least some of it isn't bad luck because places in all directions have had some big years in the last decade.
  18. I wish you hadn't mentioned 13-14 and 14-15. I've tried to banish them from my memory. That was a great time to bust out of the long term snow drought, but SW and most of middle TN managed to screw up even in those cold years with some great patterns. Agreed on the wait and see for February. The clock is ticking, but we still have time to salvage a solid week or two of real winter in there somewhere.
  19. Good stuff Holston. We're even getting a few flakes here in southern middle TN. Very light snow and 19.
  20. I agree. I've been going back through the historical NOW data for Jan and Feb when I have time the last several days. As Carver's has pointed out, it was just much colder with more snow from 1960 thru about 1985. People who grew up in that era in TN say things like, "we used to get at least a couple 2-4" snows every year, and they hung around for a week or more." They were generally right, even for non elevated areas throughout the state. The number of days with snow cover for Nashville in the winters of 1977-1979 alone is astounding compared to now. I didn't even look at the 60s, as I'm sure they were similar. Sometime around 86 that changed. I think some big events for the following 15 years or so kind of masked the change. We had the slider in 88, the Superstorm in 93, the massive ice storm in 94, big events in otherwise not really cold years in 96 and 98 and so on. Interestingly, as has been pointed out by others, the 1920s thru the 1950s stunk for winter as well, so a decades long bad stretch cannot be fully blamed on man made GW. It's pretty neat to dig back into the historical record. So its my hope that we shift back into a more favorable period before I get to old to enjoy it!
  21. Wow! A real life +PNA and cold that does not look especially transient, right in the heart of peak winter weather climo. We won't know what to do with ourselves if that look holds.
  22. 06Z GFS flips to full on winter for all of us starting a week from today. Pretty cold look with multiple chances for wintry. I would guess its likely not accurate with the lasting flip to cold throughout the run. But I'm sure feeling better about the pattern reshuffling in a week or so.
  23. Its really hard to fault anything mentioned in the afternoon AFDs. HUN's disco was a little more informative:
  24. Lots of 12-14 readings in rural middle and west TN this morning. Impressive!