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  1. We've spiked well above forecast into the low 60s. Actually feels nice outside.
  2. Can't complain at this point in the winter for most of middle TN based on this map. Looks like Oklahoma and the TX Panhandle along with much of Illinois and Indiana are the biggest losers.
  3. It was almost ridiculously low for my area. It was so consistently low I questioned what in the world it was blending? Not any of the models I was checking.
  4. Ended up with a little over 4". Elevation definitely helped.
  5. I measured a full inch already here in Marshall county. It was absolutely dumping quarter sized flakes at 5:30. Unfortunately it has switched back to rain. Kind of surprised that it flipped back after pouring heavy snow.
  6. HRRR has been giving me near foot totals here in Marshall county, yet the NBM is showing less than an inch. I have no idea what it's blending, but it's not any of the models I'm watching. The fv3 and see of the SREF family is really low, maybe that's it.
  7. Excellent shift to the south for southern middle and much of east TN.
  8. Amen to this. Although for all of us in the less than perfect locations off of the Upper Cumberland I'll take a 2" all snow event over the risky mix or 4"+ gamble.
  9. Finished with 5.5" on the snowboard. Power is still on, but it's touch and go.
  10. Official forecast was 1-3. I'll be surprised if there are not some 6" jackpots in southeast middle TN.
  11. According to Google maps, everything south and east of Nashville is slow, including the interstates.
  12. Just saw a picture of 5" on the Marshall/Lincoln county line. It was still snowing.
  13. I'm closing in on 3" here in southern middle TN. Scattered power outages showing up as well!
  14. Still ripping here just outside of Lewisburg. Have to be close to 2" with all surfaces covered. Haven't been out to the main road, but the driveway and sidewalk are white. Temp down to 30.6
  15. Here in southwest Marshall county I've got all snow with a temp of 32.5. Just measured .5" on the snowboard.
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