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  1. Spring/Summer 2018 Observations

    Had some snow in the air down this way earlier this morning. Loaded up the stove with a mix of red oak, locust, and bois d'arc before I left. That's a mid-winter mix of serious hardwoods. Come on spring!
  2. Are you still in Brentwood? I'm near Lewisburg and we've had accumulating snow 5 out of the last 6 years in March. A couple of them were trivial, but three were over an inch. Edit: Sorry, didn't mean to come across argumentative. Just seems like the March nuisance snow is pretty standard.
  3. Feb 1st-2nd 2018 Potential Snow Event.

    We've had a little of everything here near Lewisburg in the last hour. Mostly snow now. Looks like it's going to get out of here before it can accumulate.
  4. Winter Speculation 17/18 -December Thread

    Only one of the top 10 was in January and three of the top ten were not only in March, but the second half of March! Add to note: I have noticed in the last 25 years that all directions from Nashville seem to regularly record higher amounts. I wonder if this is due to incorrect measurements from observers or simply Nashvile's very low elevation down in a bowl and heat island effect compared to the surrounding areas. Or is it a combination?? Another note: the late 70s were considered some of the best for snow and cold and are not on the list at all!
  5. Winter Banter 2017/18

    I've had 1.8" here near Lewisburg. I think areas down around Fayetteville and Winchester may be closer to an inch total. N Bama has not done very well either.
  6. Winter Speculation 17/18 -December Thread

    This sounds great, especially with some mini-thaws in between. Jeff is MONEY!
  7. Winter Speculation 17/18 -December Thread

    I know what you are saying but anybody north or west of Nashville has been cashing big checks compared to the rest of us.
  8. January 15-16 Arctic Boundary Event

    I expect mass preemptive closings for tommorow in West and middle TN. If we get an inch or more most rural counties will be lucky to go back by Friday.
  9. Waiting to hear a new report from AMZ. By the looks of the radar the last hour or so he should be getting pounded. Thanks for the update Jeff! 15Z Hrrr is really trying to tick me off with how it loses the precip down my way at hours 4 and 5.
  10. Winter Banter 2017/18

    I assume this our nrgjeff. Getting a little well deserved pub! Thanks for your contributions here! https://twitter.com/TVAnews/status/949286655915188224
  11. Winter Speculation 17/18 -December Thread

    He He! A chicken post. I was down to 2 degrees yesterday morning and mine were out there, even got 11 eggs. I take them some fresh water at daylight and then again before dark. Just bring in one of the waterers to thaw overnight. My old coop is only partially enclosed but I've thrown a tarp over it at times. Throw some old hay in there if we are going to have extended snow cover. The worst Ive had is a couple cases of partially frozen combs. I know we take pets seriously these days but after keeping livestock for years the key is fresh water and some feed.
  12. Winter Speculation 17/18 -December Thread

    There was solid snowcover statewide. I think the Nashville area had at least 6-8". Got down to -20 here in Lewisburg. Brrrr!
  13. Winter Speculation 17/18 -December Thread

    January 2010 was a bad one as well. The first two weeks of the month was waaay below normal with only .03" of precip. I think OHX did get the obligatory half inch in there somewhere.
  14. Winter Speculation 17/18 -December Thread

    Parts of the area had plenty of mostly dry cold in the "great" winters of 2014 and 2015. The midsouth has been especially good at topping out with dustings and flizzards during recent cold outbreaks. In Jan 2014 OHX was -5.3 for the month with a whopping 0.4" of snow. February of 2015 was -9.2 with only 2.1" of snow. I remember a lot of .
  15. Winter Speculation 17/18 -December Thread

    This continued on into the mid 80s. I often remember as a kid growing up in the Nashville area that if it was snowing in Memphis it was without question on the way. Seems like during the snow drought of the last 25 years or so this has not been the case nearly as often. Looks like the next week is going to make for some quality model watching. The 06Z GEFS is a good example of this. There are some quality hits for our region, but probably even more misses with the frozen precip holding to our NW.