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  1. Good luck with the chickens. They were my first foray into farm animals, and now several years later I've still got them. Make double sure to keep them out of the garden. They are awful on seedlings, but great on post season cleanup. They can make a mess if they get into places you don't want and it is a balance to find the right amount of free-range/pen time. Once you get used to fresh greenery fed eggs the store bought ones are hard to go back to.
  2. I'm the same stove. However, I think big events from our formative years tend to stand out. For me as a long time fan of weather 85, 88, and 93 are the winter examples. I was too young to remember the great years of the late 70s and by the time we got to 96 and 03 I was fully into the rigors of adulthood. Actually, 96 should have been epic for me. As a senior in college I had just gotten engaged to my wife, was busy with multiple interviews for my first job, and trying to squeeze in plenty of last minute college fun. Because of all that I don't remember much about that year. Of course, that was before all of this technology that we have now.
  3. The epic southern slider snowstorm of 1988 is my #1 favorite snow of all time. All snow, no mixing at all, no slop on the ground. Everything that fell stuck and stayed on the ground. It was also a fairly long duration event. It had been very cold the preceding couple of days and continued cold during the storm. The high that day even in the Nashville heat island was 23! Snow stuck around due to the cold for several days. The rest of the winter was pretty average. If we could get a southern slider like 1988 every couple of years I'd be much happier with our winters.
  4. I'm 50 miles south of Nashville and ended up with only 4.9" on the season last year. Admittedly it was one of the worst since I've lived here in relation to Nashville. We were missed to the se a couple of times and the Nashville area did much better on the late season storm due to mixing issues here. I have lived in middle TN all of my 41 years and OHX has often seemed to struggle in relation to the rest of middle TN. I don't know if its because of the relatively low elevation, heat island issues, bad luck, or measuring differences. I've lived in my present location well south of Nashville for the last 15 years and have done better most of the years since I've been here. The only thing I can come up with other than heat island is some elevation. A good bit of southern middle TN is close to or over 1000 feet while much of the Nashville metro is closer to 400 to 500 range.
  5. I've been telling people about the same thing. Wait til late January or February for the winter goods. We'll see. I wont get worried until we get to about January 20-25 and have nothing in sight. All it takes is a couple of good weeks for most to scratch the winter itch. Give me one decent snow and a few days with snow cover and I'm good.
  6. I remember having a snowball fight with my brother when visiting Mt. Rainier as a kid long ago in July. It was the highlight of the trip. The above forecast is what makes snowball fights in July possible.
  7. Free is best. I'll burn anything if they cut it to length and give it away. Hickory, red oak, and locust are prime firewood. The locust can be a bit fussy to start a fire with, but it burns great and will last forever in the stack. Red Oak I like to actually wait three years on if I can. Great stuff, but dries slower than anything else I've tried. I'm a little spoiled at the moment. Most of my stacks are locust, red oak, and bois d'arc. Got a little pine for some quick burns and to start with, some other random stuff as well.
  8. Last time I went on the road for TN-Bama Peyton hit Joey Kent on the first play for a TD. It was a great day to be a Vol. That was 20 years ago, reminds me that I'm getting old.
  9. 1. Jan 88 - Deep powder 2. Jan 11 - Again deep powder. Shut down schools for over a week. 3. Jan 85 - Multiple big snows and cold on this side of the Apps 4. Feb 94 - Massive ice storm over here
  10. Planning on firing it up tonight for the first time this season! House was a little cool when I left this morning. I'm sure by tonight it'll be time to knock the chill off with a fire in the stove. Kids have been asking for weeks.
  11. Not far at all. You can park right at the gap and cross the road. I'm not sure what part of the bald that is, but it basically starts as soon as you cross the road. A short 10-15 minute hike gets you to the top. Beautiful up there. I wouldn't hesitate to do it with kids either. Carver's really is an easy access point for some high elevation sights(weather permitting).
  12. Coach B


    Noticed quite a few reports of temps in the 30s away from the metro areas this morning on the hourly reports. I bet there was a little bit of frost around. I wonder if that's the last we see of 30s til fall? Outside of the really high elevations anyway.
  13. Coach B


    19 is a popular number on the 6am hourly obs: Tri 19 Elizabethton 16 Gatlinburg 19 Cookeville 19 Sparta 19 Winchester 19 Lewisburg 19 Must be a little inversion this morning in some areas. I was colder yesterday morning by several degrees.
  14. Coach B


    Had a beautiful heavy snow shower pass thru here about 6:45.
  15. I like it the way it is. I'm one of those nuts who tries to balance a regular full time job, kids and all the activities that go with them, church attendance, and the kicker - FARM WORK. Its no fun bottle feeding a calf in the dark twice a day. DST absolutely saves me in the spring and fall when the chores still need doing after little league practice or whatever the activity of the day is. In the winter things slow down a bit with the kids and farm work so its nice to be forced inside by the woodstove and slow down a bit.
  16. Congrats to the east TN folks who scored some nice snow. The last couple of years my old snow jealousy for your area has returned. It had faded somewhat over the previous 10-12 years.
  17. Streak broken for OHX? WTVF reported 1.2" at the weather office, with another band yet to come through.
  18. Hasn't always been that way though. The mid south used to get these slop storms with much more regularity. There are whole generations of folks that think you are supposed to get one of these every year in middle TN.
  19. Except for the one 24-hour period when the precip comes thru.
  20. Read on the other Tennessee forum that OHX is having a computer upgrade today.
  21. Coach B


    Had a nice dusting in Lewisburg early this morning.
  22. Totally agree. Am I wrong or does it seem that in the recent past that when we see cold in February we seem more likely to get at least a little wintry precip. In other words cold and dry does not seem to happen in Feb as much as in Dec and Jan.
  23. Day late, but mine is going tonight. Mix of red and white oak has the living room downright toasty. Kids were piled up in front of it all evening. My three year old told me recently he was only taking a bath if the stove was going. lol
  24. Day late, but mine is going tonight. Mix of red and white oak has the living room downright toasty. Kids were piled up in front of it all evening. My three year old told me recently he was only taking a bath if the stove was going. lol