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  1. I would love to snow chase a lake effect event either in the Tug Hill Plateau or along the Chautauqua Ridge in NY. Lord willing if I make it to retirement healthy and able enough its on my short list of things to do. Not sure the wife would be real excited it about it. She's already complaining about the cold daily.
  2. Excellent points! The cold being depicted in Canada and the N Plains is really amazing. That kind of cold when it penetrates this far south usually results in cold and dry as you pointed out. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the +EPO keeps the Pac Jet pointed in our direction and should throw a number of disturbances at us in the flow. Just need something to slide under or hook up with the serious cold just to our north.
  3. Nashville got down to 12 twice last January. Many of the outlying areas had single digits a couple of mornings. I'm not sure what to think of pre-Christmas cold. I've kind of gotten used to warm and dry Decembers.
  4. That's how that usually seems to play out. But who knows. I mean who would have thought Vandy would beat Tennessee, Georgia, and Ole Miss but lose to SC, KY, and Mizzou.
  5. I would think time of year would have a lot to do with it. Vegetation is naturally dying off and drying up in the fall. There is also more wind on average in October and November than thru the summer. In 2007 we actually had above normal rainfall here in October and November after being below normal all spring and summer.
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    Fall 2016

    Maybe all we are going to see from the shake up is closer to normal temps. That would go along with what Jeff has been saying about all of the leftover heat from the nino. I'm a heart of winter guy anyway. Give me three weeks of serious cold and snow in January/February and I'm good! If you want some good news I found this on the main board from met billg: "The numbers for Snow Cover Extent at the end of October are in at the Rutgers Global Snow Lab...finished 3rd behind 1976 and 2014, and is in a virtual tie with 2002. All of those following winters were severe in the East in one way other another" All three of those years had some real cold in January and/or February in our neck of the woods as well.
  7. Coach B

    Fall 2016

    I hear you on the woodstove. I've never waited this late to fire it up. I also don't think I've ever run the AC this late. Had to turn it back on to cool the upstairs bedrooms the last few nights. The temp inversion was working against me up on the hill. I've been stuck in the lower 70s in the evenings while the lower elevations are dropping thru the 60s and into the 50s by daybreak. Trying to enjoy it because I'm sure we've got plenty of cold and dreary on the way at some point.
  8. Tis the season for impressive inversions. Even in the hills of middle TN we've had over 15 degree spread some mornings.
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    Fall 2016

    I found myself enjoying last December. I don't know if its because of getting older or the fact that extended fall weather into November and December is conducive to farm/outdoor work. October has been my favorite month for years. Whatever the reason, I've found myself cheering on the sunny, dry, and mild weather til the first of the year. At that point I want the winter hounds unleashed in full force for January and Feb.
  10. Interesting. I've fished around some of the floating houses near Perryville on Kentucky Lake. Pretty cool.
  11. I know I'll be perfectly happy if we can score even just a little something with the cold next week and then have another chance towards the end of the month. Historically, it seems that significant February cold shots are less likely to be totally dry when compared to January Arctic blasts.
  12. The GFS is a little faster than the GEM with the system on the 7th/8th. Both look a little too warm at this point, but time for details later. Plenty cold for the GEM system on the 10th, GFS doesn't really have that one unless you count it as maybe a clipper look. Both are plenty cold by then. Ensembles for both are kind of vague with not many specifics to key on.
  13. Looking at the long range ensembles the last couple of days I was starting to get cautiously optimistic about February. Talk about a bucket of cold water! Of course you are right, tapping the brakes/tempering the expectations is never a bad idea when it comes to wintry weather in the South. Thanks Jeff!
  14. Interesting, both of those did a good job with the Memphis area bust.
  16. Bruce Pearl!!! He may not have quite as much good mojo as when he was at UT. But enjoy it. He was the man in Knoxville.
  17. Yes, I watched him this morning. He does a great job!
  18. Nice post, and you are right. I've lived in middle TN for over 40 years. We've had measureable snow every single year. I think officially Nashville has had only two years since the 1870s where they did not have measureable snow, and even those years they still recorded trace amounts.
  19. Good luck with the chickens. They were my first foray into farm animals, and now several years later I've still got them. Make double sure to keep them out of the garden. They are awful on seedlings, but great on post season cleanup. They can make a mess if they get into places you don't want and it is a balance to find the right amount of free-range/pen time. Once you get used to fresh greenery fed eggs the store bought ones are hard to go back to.
  20. I'm the same stove. However, I think big events from our formative years tend to stand out. For me as a long time fan of weather 85, 88, and 93 are the winter examples. I was too young to remember the great years of the late 70s and by the time we got to 96 and 03 I was fully into the rigors of adulthood. Actually, 96 should have been epic for me. As a senior in college I had just gotten engaged to my wife, was busy with multiple interviews for my first job, and trying to squeeze in plenty of last minute college fun. Because of all that I don't remember much about that year. Of course, that was before all of this technology that we have now.