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  2. Weaker version of 2010 Get the block to weaken and this will come further north
  3. Weaker version of 2010 on the EPS and Euro Get the block to weaken and this will come further north
  4. Starting to get deep . Nws lowered the forecast to 4" this evening, always a good sign lol Band still pretty stationary..
  5. Pretty great precip signature at ~5-6 days out.
  6. WB 0Z EPS nice improvements for early next week! Supports the operational...
  7. 0z EPS is a great improvement.. awaiting snow means but def a fair more solutions like the Euro.
  8. We had a bit of disagreement with our bank and rates had dropped about a point since our original mortgage agreement, so we refinanced with another bank (later to be bought by the original bank ) and converted to a 20 year. The house appraised for 25k more in a year.
  9. The first apartment I looked at when I moved here had a view of the Whites from the living room. I opted for a view of the wharves on Commercial (the apartment was bigger). We got to take our wedding pictures on the roof of the Eastland (now Westin) and let me tell you. THAT'S a view of the Whites.
  10. I’m putting a lot of effort into #flurrywatch but the radar is busier than any of the mesos predicted. No clue if it’s virga or not but it’s enough to entertain me.
  11. Seems like we have a good starting time too. Won’t have to worry about that sun angle for a few hours.
  12. Lee Goldberg had a prediction of 0.6" for NYC and Long Island (based on the HRRR I think?) said snow squalls are possible between 7 AM and 11 AM.
  13. Crazy uncle Ukie out of range but looks warmer and going north of the ECM
  14. Hopefully we get to call it baby snowmageddon or junior? I’m in Philly but I’d def chase to W VA if euro is right. This H5 of feb 3 2010 but you can see the storm forming in southwest just like this one. Good point on the nino stj. Night. Hopefully another good day tomorrow.
  15. it's actually good to see some cutter scenarios in the modeling, it decreases the chances that this storm will miss us. Just take the average
  16. that was a memorable week that came after a big thaw! and yesterday was the anniversary of the -2 recorded in NYC in Jan 1994!
  17. The setup has some similarities. That was a nino so a healthier STJ. This will hit a brick wall similar to how that one did. Similar blocking.
  18. Hmmm...not comparing the amounts just the placement and gradient. That one came out of the southwest too. It was just more organized.
  19. 12z was better in N MD. 00z was better in DC and VA.
  20. JI will hate it. It’s pink. Not blue.
  21. But is snowed a couple hours longer.
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