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  2. So I’m just curious for the people like jonger/phin/ that deaths are spiking in Florida and Arizona, where will the goalposts move next? To be clear, I’m not saying that we should go full on lockdown again, but ignoring what is going on in FL because it is 1000 miles away is incredibly myopic. So too is trusting people to act responsibly when we do reopen because we’ve seen time and time again people don’t.
  3. 60% of all restaurants fail in the 1st year. Low margin long hour business for small restaurant owners.
  4. The death toll in third world country’s from famine and deeper poverty induced by the lockdown measures will kill hundreds of millions. They will also likely see the most deaths from the virus (But underreport those) There is no real funding push for humanity over profits when it comes to finding and funding a less profitable anti viral or repurposing other vaccines . I wonder how far and wide these profitable priorities reach into policies of every magnitude and measure and are painted over with political double speak and disseminated on the most influencial media to shape agreeable opinions
  5. Yeah, unfortunately it becomes pretty clear (based on some broadbrush responses) who has ran business, and who hasn't, by assumptions and generalized statements about business. Of course there are some that do take advantage, but by the same token, most businesses prior to this were doing well enough with low unemployment, that it forced many businesses to be competitive w/ pay/benefits/comp to attract the best employees. The old sweat shop days from the turn of the century are by and large just that......long gone. My employer puts out a benefit statement every year to show costs related, as it gives employees a real snapshot of what is paid for by the company. Some people have complained and discussed w/ me as they know at my prior employer, I served on the board of directors for 7 years and knew in ins and outs of related costs/p n l etc. They usually walked away quietly after our conversation. Of course there are stories to the contrary.
  6. Then I’m not exactly sure what restaurants are doing wrong then since most places pay employees like 4 dollars an hour and the rest is tipped. If those sorts of hourly wages are so taxing maybe said restaurant should go under.
  7. Older kids? Probably. I dont think you'd get much compliance with younger ones.
  8. Dude get out of here with this, we all see the quotes from you of “the end is soon” and “so much fighting, so little time “. Either you were trolling then, or you are just all over the map on everything.
  9. There was a real life case study. Remember the hair dressers in Missouri that exposed over a hundred customers when they worked while symptomatic? Everyone was required to wear masks and none of the customers caught the virus. No control arm obviously but a hair cut is generally 10+ minutes of close contact in a confined space which I think everyone would agree is a high risk exposure.
  10. Stalled low might be gone, but the humidity remains. Gonna need the door to knock down the dews a bit.
  11. Yes in some instances that is/was the case BUT there were many parents who couldn't be bothered. The vast majority of kids are computer/tablet literate. The majority are quite capable of logging onto an online learning platform and completing tasks. You'd be surprise at how many parents do not care about their kids. And their kids know it.
  12. Im not suggesting anything. I’m simply staying I think it’s foolish to wear masks outside in the ways I described. The panic a small portion of this country is living under is just mind boggling. Some of these posts in this thread this morning about people driving around in masks and being afraid to Live normally after a trip out in public are insanity. The vast majority of people aren’t thinking nor living that way. Again, I’m not suggesting anything. For now anyway, folks are free to make their own decisions. That may or may not change in November. Thanks for the name calling . I’m guessing you probably defaced a statue?
  13. Follow up question - should kids be wearing masks when with other kids?
  14. the problem in many cases is the spouses had to work-hard to juggle that and home schooling 2-3 children....
  15. a friend is a first grade teacher and she said much the same. Some kids turned in 0 assignments. She is so nervous about next year and said virtual will not work, and it is much more stressful for her, as she wants all kids to do well, and cant make them work virtually. Challenging for sure.
  16. I don't think that should come as any surprise. Most schools did not have a plan in place for online learning. There was never a need for it. Some school systems have "snow day" learning platforms in place so they were better suited to handle online education because they had some experience with that sort of education. Many have placed the blame for the failure of online education on the school districts but the reality is many parents simply quit on the process. The Boston Globe did an article on a couple who lives in Wilmington Ma. The couple have 3 children. Essentially the couple stopped having their children participate in online learning because it was too much for the wife and husband.
  17. Horst has a video on Twitter that he took Tuesday in the Big Horn mountains - it was 34 degrees and snowing...(on June 30th) I need to switch vacation destinations next year.
  18. Would you prefer to have people shun masks, crowd bars and have the virus surge back like it has in the south? Your response to people trying to be considerate to you is weird. Masks aren't protecting them, they are protecting you. I personally don't wear a mask at the beach or when I go for runs but I certainly don't act like a douchebag by laughing at people that do.
  19. Thanks for the link. You could have posted it with out the condesending attitude. Do you notice a pattern? If everyone thinks you are an ahole, maybe it's you and not everyone else.
  20. 81/68 Wow is it hot and humid, wasn’t really expecting that.
  21. I think we need to fully open up schools in the fall. Accommodations need to made for high risk staff, staff with high risk family members, students who live with high risk family members, or any parents who aren’t comfortable sending their kids to school. We really need schools to be open normally for so many reasons.
  22. Hybrid season is in full bloom. I know you were not taking a shot at me, shit every day is the 4th for me lol. Stunning day
  23. Sorry just saw this, Labor is the 2nd highest cost for a restaurant owner so this isn't exactly indentured certitude my man. So good let the restaurants go under the workers will just collect unemployment, that's the better trade huh ?
  24. Absolutely. I was already financially conservative after starting my career in the teeth of the 2008 crisis. Unfortunately for Millennials, unlike the last Great Depression generation, there's no booming economy (i.e. living in the only industrialized nation left standing after a World War) to make up for the lost decade.
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