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  2. Simply guidance tonight trended towards a much weaker wave ejecting out west. The ridge out west was actually better on the gfs. No real change in the longwave pattern. The setup is still there. But what had been a very healthy wave being ejected from the western trough suddenly went poof tonight. ETA: there are a handful of members in the gefs that still have it. Let’s see what the eps does before declaring it dead.
  3. It's funny how people keep showing 21.4" for that storm when the whole storm total was actually 21.6" based on Boston Coop Data. I guess the 21.4" fell in 24 hours with about 0.2" falling less than and hour or so thereafter.
  4. euro holds. Dusting by morning for the metro? Fingers crossed.
  5. I would sign up for the 0z Canadian for early next week.
  6. Psu what happened to your 3rd storm?
  7. Telling girls that it snows in Hawaii is a great way to impress them
  8. Feels good for it to finally pay off after following all week and all day lol Quick video, about 4" new here..
  9. 27/22 with a few flurries.
  10. Great post PSU, thanks for the visuals.
  11. 0.9” so far in Berkley. Probably will eek out another tenth or two. Would’ve been nice to get in on that band along M59
  12. You sound like me Ray. I could ALWAYS predict big storms, because you can just figure when I'm in travel. So - WHY has this winter sucked? Because I'm not traveling ANYWHERE.
  13. That is a cool website. I personally have compiled things like that for Detroit but it's very rare to see a national weather service compile that much detail of stats, let alone the dnr. I just used Xmacis and it calculated the data from 1900 to 2020 period I do not have snow cover data for Minneapolis from 1884 to 1900. I like Xmacis because as long as there is no missing data you can get the exact averages of whatever your looking for, no quality control or anything. The bottom line is, 88 or 100 days it really does not matter, for a snow cover lover Minneapolis is one of the best metros to live in in this sub. Considering the long term average is only 6" more snowfall than Detroit but 38 more days of 1" snow cover, I would say Minneapolis does an excellent job of making their snow last.
  14. Thanks for creating the [email protected] A good way to let out some of the pent up frustration with these past couple winters haha. Usually every winter at some point I'll go back and read the AFDs leading up to GHD I. I know the storm threads for that were actually on Central/Western since GLOV sub didn't exist yet. Some of my favorite threads in this sub are for Jan 4-5, 2014 and GHD II, two of the best events for favorable trends in the short range for much of the Chicago metro. We really need an event like that, hopefully somehow it happens this winter. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  15. Yup...been a disaster of a synoptic year. Looking at models, it looks "yaaaawn" but at least there is snow over us. I saw New England with NO snow through the end of the month. I haven't checked out their sub at all today, but I'm assuming there's gnashing of teeth.
  16. Here's our next legit weather system after this weekends mixed precip, per 00Z GFS. It's out there a ways but...Bon Appetit!
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  18. When are they gonna give you a break? Wrap up surgery I assume? Your back is one hell of a mess my friend
  19. The cmc/euro and gfs are night and day how they handle the interaction between the western trough and the tpv between 100-120 hours. I wanted to show it clearer but the h5 plots for Canada weren’t updated yet for the cmc but you can see it 120 it’s a done deal cmc/euro v gfs/Icon progression. cmc at 120 the tpv elongated on top of the western trough and did not phase. It’s instead suppressing the northern stream wave (NSW) lol. gfs same time the tpv had phased with the NS wave and look at that ridging east of it. It’s game over already at that point the divergence after is the result of that singular difference which actually happens around 100 hours up in Canada but those maps weren’t out yet. by 144 you can see the end result cmc the tpv elongated and broke a piece off that came across on top and crushed the NS wave. The SSW was left to amplify and you see the ridging in front to combat the shred factory on top from the blocking. gfs at 144 the phased NS system came across on top end wrecked our temps but also the flow under that is squashing the SSW. No chance in that progression. cmc and euro are both handling that the same way. Just trying to point out the why behind it. Hope someone finds this interesting.
  20. MKE averages 60 days per season of 1"+ snowcover. The most was 117 days in 1978-79 and the least 17 days in 1953-54. Side note....its crazy how many anemic winters there were in the 1930s-50s in this region. I've said it many times regarding Detroit but as I look at other areas I see a lot of the same. Whether it was warm winters, low snow winters, or both, some of them were terrible everywhere, while others were bad in some spots and serviceable in others. There were a few good region wide winters thrown in there but they were few and far between during that era.
  21. I’m with Syrmax, got another dusting and snowing at a dusting/hr. rate right now.
  22. We had 5 minutes of "heavier" snow, literally a dusting. Tonight same deal. Looks to continue like this for 10-12 days (basically till Feb), until the GFS rams it home with a cutter deluge to kick off Feb in style. Days are getting longer at least. Hopefully an early Spring.
  23. Now that the band is east of us, it stalls out and reforms just to our east. lol
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