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  2. Yea it’s been dry. but my god today is glorious. No wind either.
  3. Same here. I've tried pre-packaged pizza dough from Wegmans on numerous occasions, and once tried making my own dough from scratch. Whether it's prepared or from-scratch, I never seem to get the dough stretched evenly across our oven pizza stone, so it gets too thick around the outer edges (sometimes), and/or way too thin and breaking/soaking through in parts of the middle. It's very frustrating...especially because I have numerous pizza topping combos I want to try at home.
  4. I don’t see that. mRNA is an established methodology. It makes total sense that the 2nd shot should result in a stronger reaction-the trials showed that. It doesn’t seem that there are reactions that would be unexpected TBH. But there is a subset of the population that reacts to everything including placebos. We also have routine patients that present with symptoms with no physical basis. Sometimes evaluating the gain in the game or the real mental conditions driving the behavior is revealing. The old word was malingering.
  5. Yea. Thinking 0.5-1.0 over the next several days. No worries.
  6. I haven't been into an office since 2005, I miss mingling with my coworkers and going out for a bite and a beer but I get much more done WFH. I'm in contact with the people I work with almost daily and we'll still go out and meet for lunch periodically.
  7. Yea. The Course was playing real tough before play was suspended. Could be a tick easier now.
  8. We know how that usually ends don’t we...
  9. I mean I do like them...I just told myself I wasn’t drinking today lol
  10. Just got a nice heavy thunderstorm. Severe warning but nothing close to severe IMBY. Not a lot of wind. Rain came straight down. Just big drops. Water running along the road and grass looking soggy. Was worried the line of showers would be broken given how past systems panned out, but this line is sharing the wealth in terms of rainfall on this side of the state at least.
  11. The 12z GFS still has some significant snow for Fort Collins and Loveland. It is starting to get to the point of the year where snow is possible, but rain or very slushy snow is more likely. I think I would like to see rain.
  12. get both. picked them up today. the 120 is like no other IPA, and the raison is superb imo.
  13. We skipped mulching cause it’d prob all wash down the sloped side yard with tomorrow with all the rain tomorrow.
  14. Psychosomatic symptoms occur obviously, but I also think there is a rush to explain away symptoms that are hard to understand and put them into a box by labeling them this way. This occurs with chronic pain patients who have complex ailments/injuries that go years trying to find answers. Typically the answer in these cases are they are not pyschosomatic, which brings a great deal of frustration to the patient. I suspect the immune reponse has a lot to do with the stronger side effects being noted with patients that are on their second dose or previously had COVID. I find some of the recent stories regarding altering of women’s menstrual cycles after the vaccine interesting, is this brought on by stress, the nanoparticles in the vaccine or the known side effects of the shots including fever in some cases. It is certainly worth studying the impacts and assume they do matter at this stage, both short and long term. This is true of both the virus and the vaccines.
  15. The elevated convection will be nice change on Sunday following the 3rd driest start to April on record. Time Series Summary for NY CITY CENTRAL PARK, NY Click column heading to sort ascending, click again to sort descending. Rank Ending Date Total Precipitation Apr 1 to Apr 10 Missing Count 1 1881-04-10 0.00 0 2 1900-04-10 0.01 0 3 2021-04-10 0.04 1 4 1909-04-10 0.05 0 5 1963-04-10 0.06 0
  16. You’re really tempting me to make a stop at the wine merchant across the street haha. I know they have the 120 minute there and the raisin d extra
  17. We managed our first 80° of the season.. Looks like kbuf may fall just short of a daily record, main culprit probably overcast skies..
  18. With March temp data in here's how we look on long term record. Definitely one of the warmer March's on record.
  19. Yeah baby. It's been awhile. This bad boy is big. BIG. Just gonna sip it. (see that danger cap?)
  20. from a hard cider brewer in Virginia:
  21. The rains have hit Augusta, suspending play there.
  22. NCEP vs Foreign models. RGEM/EC/Ukie are much drier for CT.
  23. 74 right now. What a great day!
  24. Quick, what’s one of the biggest differences between Austin and most other parts of Texas? Actually, let’s make that rhetorical. We’re way off topic and this is getting partisan and has little to do with covid.
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