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  2. Half inch for us by the time we're done
  3. 73/65 split today...0.35" rain so far.
  4. There is a lot of moisture building down south in the Carolina’s and mid-Atlantic. Looks like it’s going negative tilt like Coastalwx mentioned... rotating bands a bit westward as they move north down near ALB and eastern PA.
  5. Radar looks set up for another decent slug to move in here soon.
  6. Maybe we can have a mini dust bowl with the wind tomorrow morning?
  7. That’s impressive. High here was only 64.
  8. We are already between 1.1 and 1.3 here depending upon your source. That’s way more than forecast already.
  9. BWI: 10/24 IAD: 10/24 DCA: 11/5 RIC: 11/13 TB: 79
  10. They're probably just trying to dust bathe? Mine love going for the mulch. Hopefully you'll just talk to your neighbors about it first? lol
  11. Man HRRR almost has a gravity wave looking deal or some sort of meso high right behind the squall line. It's got a weak ridge based on the isobars immediately after the front early tomorrow morning. Might see some weird shit happen.
  12. He had some localized high gusts around 40mph the other day with the sunny strong S flow. I'd assume he'd downslope and roar with a deep S flow like this as well.
  13. The forecast changes over the last few days have been a good winter preseason reminder for all of us that: a) The models will constantly show cold air *just* around the corner, and; b) The models will show multiple large lake effect events which will dwindle to a minor event, probably in a different location, once the event actually takes place. I’m not trying to be negative, but the 7-10 day forecast often looks cold and/or snowy, only for it to fade as we get closer to those actual dates. Then the process starts over again....
  14. It will. I'm sure you'll get some terrain enhancement too. Although...I wonder if you get a little what Alex gets. Some downsloping off the Whites to the SSE of you? I'm definitely not familiar with the nuances over your area. I just know it
  15. Will that shift a bit east eventually?
  16. Almost as bizarre as a record snow winter with a raging +NAO.
  17. HRRR soundings are pretty nuts. Maybe a small inv verbatim, but the winds off the deck are intense.
  18. Today
  19. Nevada is in Wyandot County, Florida and Texas are in Henry County, Kansas is in northern Seneca County, Oregon is in Lucas County, North Baltimore is in southern Wood County, New Philadelphia is in Tuscarawas County.
  20. Ended up getting 0.95" of rain by 6:00pm today. Anxious to see what I pick up overnight.
  21. That area on CT river up by Littleton NH to PSF right into the MId Atlantic is the conv zone from now through 06z or so.
  22. 1.81” now. Berkshire’s getting some water.
  23. A transformer just blew in the hood and the power is out. Perfect timing. Seriously.
  24. Nice blob of rain to miss Taunton to the SE over the water.
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