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Central PA Fall 2022


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6 minutes ago, Voyager said:

Do you guys see your breath when you breathe/talk while you're there???

:P :lol: :shiver:

It actually feels kind of good except when you are sick...then it is way too cold. We keep our house at 65 though I do not force it down when it gets into the upper 60's during warmish days like today.    Once it hits 70, A/C is on, or windows/doors open depending how humid it is out.   Our summer A/C (electric) bills are not ideal. 

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1 minute ago, Blizzard of 93 said:

@Voyager will like this temp…

170 degrees is the optimal temperature for the Turkey to be done!

I have one friend (couple) that keeps their house at 78 all year long.  They live in Florida now, but they used to live in Carlisle.  Imagine trying to keep a house at 78 on electricity in the winter? 

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