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March 11th-13th Winter Weather Event. Winter's last gasp?


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Heavest snow of the night We now have around 6 inches in the grass.  Have not measured it could be conservative or off the other way.   We have ended up with more that I thought we were just a few hours ago.  The back end of the storm has really took off.

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11 minutes ago, Kasper said:

@McMinnWxWhat do you have your way?looks like 4/5 inches using my trusty birdbath as a measurement, haven’t officially checked! 

That’s about what I have. I’m going to measure it around 7:00ish when this is fully moved out. It’s still ripping here. 

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Don't know if there's a break and that back band is coming or if it's getting cold and the DGZ is dropping to the point the radar beams are too high to see snow over the western Plateau. 

Either way, based on past bands tonight coming from there and looking like that, its 1.5 to 2 inch per hour rates in the darker blue that distance from radar. 


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It’s been a real struggle to surpass 2.5in here. I’m not sure what has caused the slow accumulation, but the returns just kept getting eaten up. Either dry air or downsloping or maybe both. Maybe the last part of this storm will be more kind to us in Hamblen and western Greene. 

Edit: Snow has picked up again here now moderate to heavy so we’ll see what happens now. The temp is 26 so that will definitely help with the ratio

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Probably on average around 6.5 inches. I did also measure some random spots of 7.5 to 8 inches out in the yard as well. Wind drifts? There are few seemingly random larger piles of snow out there along with some smaller ones, around 5 inches or so. Seems it got blown around some. 

Pretty awesome event! A nice little Jr. 93 here. Beautiful snow coming down right now. Maybe another inch? 


Edit: enjoy the dog nose. 

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