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2022 Short/Medium Range Severe Thread

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2 hours ago, A-L-E-K said:

trash forcing and poor diurnal timing aside, should still be a good amount of lingering instability given the airmass in place

I think it will be one of those broken lines where everyone gets outflow gusts but not everyone gets rain.

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8 hours ago, Indystorm said:

Is that band of clouds from Springfield MO on to Quincy and NE evidence of a prefrontal trough?  If so this could get really interesting later today.

Definitely not any sort of pre-frontal trough right now.

That area of cirrus lifting up through the region appears to be tied to interaction with the low over TX.

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5 hours ago, frostfern said:

Can someone make a new thread for this event?  Move my posts to it?  I'm not good at this stuff.  

We're kind of late in the game now for that, especially with no sub-forum mod to do the latter.

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5 minutes ago, Chinook said:

2-d slice into the vertical for this large radar-detected wind of 80kt-90kt


That is a mean looking rear-inflow jet.  This one might be even worse than the 2020 Iowa one.  Don't know how built up the area is.  It's more sparse to the west.

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