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MLK Eve into MLK Day - Storm Obs


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7 minutes ago, Rockem_sockem_connection said:

What's the + sign mean?

Precipitation is starting to change here. Amazing how fast the whole area is about to change within an hour or so.



Snow and misc. frozen precipitation
Weather Symbol -SN Light snow
Weather Symbol SN Moderate snow
Weather Symbol +SN Heavy snow
Weather Symbol SG Snow grains
Weather Symbol IC Ice crystals
Weather Symbol PE PL Ice pellets


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28 minutes ago, RU848789 said:

Up to 3/8" at 7:30 pm, but up to 29F with dual-pol showing the mix line about 20 miles from me, but moving slowly...

We have 1/2" as of 8:00 pm with continuing light to moderate snow, but it's now 31F and the radar shows the mix line almost at the Raritan, about 5-10 miles from me, so maybe another 30-60 minutes of snow?  Very slick out there, as all surfaces are covered, given how cold the ground was.  I imagine there could be some accidents out there if people weren't expecting any snow at all.  

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