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  1. 4.5 when all was said and done out here, no big snowstorm but it was a fun little multifaceted storm, rain snow winds blizzard condition at times then the flash freeze about 5pm.
  2. They were insane when they passed through here zero visibility but squall like didn’t last long about 20 minutes but I picked up .60 in that time frame
  3. 3.75 here in Spring Twp. About 10 miles or so to your West
  4. 3.75 here in Spring Twp. About 10 miles or so to your West
  5. 27f 3.75 so far, just flurries now I’m in a dry slot on the the radar and precip. Seems to be reall breaking up to my West. Can see some some filtered sun.
  6. It’s really slacked off out here. Skies have brightened and roads starting to melt. I thought this was supposed to be the heaviest part of the storm
  7. I noticed the flakes are smaller now since the wind really picking up. Visibility did go up as well but I think the heavy stuff will return heaviest was for forecast to be between 11am and 2pm I think
  8. 30f with heavy snow and whipping winds doesn’t get any better than this.
  9. Moderate snow now, roads have caved. Skies are very dark wonder if thunder snow is possible with this storm?
  10. 33f/dp33 with steady snow not quite moderate but laying on everything but the roads
  11. 43f/Dp39 should be interesting to watch this event unfold.
  12. wsw up for us for 3-5 lets see if we can make it to the warning phase Lol. 5” would a winner for the season let’s do this
  13. Be nice to have at least one Warning level snow out here
  14. 42f/Dp21 it would be nice to see white on the trees and grass again. Yup n a another note, The snowblower jinx is off the table for me I never touched it this year it’s in the same spot in shed where I parked it last winter Lol. Maybe next winter I’ll get it all ready in October ya know try something new.
  15. I’m thinking the shade has been pulled down on the snow chances for this season, can it still snow? Yes but it’s been dreadful out this way I’m ready for the severe weather at this point.
  16. We ended up with .27 ice, roads not bad just lost a few branches
  17. I’m under those returns north of Reading but nothing falling yet
  18. Well down to a WWA, just your run of the mill snow to mix event.
  19. Well we got our first Winter storm watch but not for snow unfortunately, I’m not liking the trends today let’s hope they start backing off the Ice idea.
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