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  1. Temp has been dropping down to 29f now with flurries
  2. Enjoy, cant wait to see pics and video's
  3. Absolutely Gorgeous 74F out there, too bad its coming to an end, Possible snow Monday night into Tuesday am did i read correctly?
  4. 58F @ 11am sure feels like shorts weather already, Ill sign up for an early Spring that's for sure 90% of my snowpack is gone but there are piles that will surely hang on till mid or later April for sure.
  5. 37/28 clear moonlit skies you'd think with the snowpack the temps would be colder.
  6. Final tally 5", gives me 48" for the season truly epic February snow on snow I dont think you draw it up any better. I look back at January now with all the winter cancels, me being one of those man were we wrong. looks like we are going into a stretch of above normal days, This is a great group we have here some very good analysis and I Thank everyone. Now can we add to our totals in March?
  7. as i hit the submit button it started slacking off, maybe its on the way
  8. 29f Dp17 overcast skies temp up a few since midnight.
  9. Well it has been a pretty Epic February that's for sure and one more accumulating snow would be icing on the cake. March is a funny month and maybe some surprises yet to come, I have snow mountains in some parking lots that'll be around for quite awhile.
  10. They are horrible, ever since Hannah left that weather product has been garbage.
  11. 26f with a variety of elements falling from the sky albeit light its creating a nightmare on the roads.
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