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  1. I was watching a few cams from up that way and couldn't hardly see the snow depth signs,
  2. This winter has been a true definition of Azz, or as the New Englanders say A Ratter either way ya slice it sucked, the fact that I had 3 snow events that totaled 6" really tells the story its even worse around Philly. I hope this is the Grand Finale of Shitty winters and next year we really cash in because quite honestly it couldn't get any worse, That's my Rant to close out Winter.
  3. we actually do ok in seasons like these, my company has a decent amount of Seasonal contracts, they pay whether it snows or not, its the bad winters they get screwed on.
  4. I really love snow and would like to move northwest however with my son racing Mx and his future in the sport we will likely be relocating South or Southwest where he can ride and train year round, although this winter he has been riding and training locally he only went o Fla. once this winter. I still have that feeling that we are in for one surprise before we officially hit Spring.
  5. Yup seems like the corridor from Johnstown thru Williamsport on northeast of there have been in a good spot this year
  6. Mild and wet, cold and dry surely the theme of this winter and the cold has been short lived 2-3 days at a time, while I have pulled the plug on this season I'm not so sure we don't go through BN temps in March and April just prolonging this agony. There's always next Winter, in all reality it cant be worse than this one can it ?
  7. Did I hear it snowed in Iraq yesterday?
  8. I agree with this statement, they've all looked great at this range.
  9. 34 with snow now, whew what day went from 51 to 34 in like 4hrs.
  10. When I read your post this morning about the 6% fail, I thought to myself this year will be the 6% what a dreadful winter this has been.
  11. 44 balmy deg. @5am On a early Feb. morning with rain. someone please end this horrible nightmare.
  12. 34 with occasional flakes, lots of black ice earlier.
  13. 8 day rainstorm lock it in, if that showed a snowstorm it would fail 100% this season. Lets all just be negative from here on in maybe it will create some sort of reverse psychology Lol