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  1. Im in for a warmish event free October then November on it can start getting colder as long as no snow till after Thanksgiving then let the games begin.
  2. I VOTE NO, at least here its pretty laid back and if anyone wants to sort through all the riff raff that goes on over there they can. I don't post a lot just Obs during the winter. Just my .02
  3. Just had a EAS Flood warning again, so far they are 3 for 3 out here we'll see if it happens again, This is crazy
  4. looking at the radar that storm the other side of 81 just North of Lebanon Pa looks nasty
  5. 86 and mostly sunny here, not looking forward to anymore drenching rain we've had enough.
  6. Yup warnings just issued for Berks 60mph winds quarter size possible.
  7. 90 Dp74 its sticky out there, storms look to be lining up to the West
  8. Storm incoming, very heavy rain at the moment
  9. Yeah and I had to open my big mouth the other day, it was crazy last night
  10. Another Flash flood watch, with virtually no rain just clouds and sun, just over .25 since Monday Lol
  11. with what we were through the last two days so far these storms just seem to be run of the mill T-storms, and I'm quite ok with that.
  12. This was a rotating cell that was dropping but never dropped to the ground, watching this develop was awesome.
  13. Thatsb exactly what we heard yesterday crazy isn't it, I swear it was that cell that spawned the Morgantown Tornado