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  1. February 17-18 Threat Discussion

    36/DP 21, very light snow just starting EDIT: picking up in intensity pretty quickly
  2. February 17-18 Threat Discussion

    nothing here in the Reading area yet
  3. February 17-18 Threat Discussion

    with temps in the mid 40's tomorrow and warm weather next week its all moot anyway, watch March be cold after all this warmth
  4. February 17-18 Threat Discussion

    Yeah as I stated after I posted it I realized my confusion it was early Lol. Anyway great job and discussion.
  5. February 17-18 Threat Discussion

    Cmon push that 6" line back up this way, I see Mt Holly going with 2-4 for me
  6. February 17-18 Threat Discussion

    Yeah after I posted that I realized that’s probably the case. Thanks
  7. February 17-18 Threat Discussion

    Very strange WSW for 4-6 I thought our criteria was 6+
  8. E PA/NJ/DE Winter 2017-18 OBS Thread

    I don't really watch TV Weather cause I believe most of it ratings driven, I could be wrong. I just go by Mt Holly, yeah they get it wrong to but more often than not they are very close. Their forecast discussions are very detailed.
  9. E PA/NJ/DE Winter 2017-18 OBS Thread

    wow just checked couple observations up by Scranton a few are in the mid and upper 30's with plain rain, Scranton is at 36 and i sit at 33.
  10. E PA/NJ/DE Winter 2017-18 OBS Thread

    31 with freezing rain 1.25” snow, well that didn’t take long at this point I hoping for 33 and rain
  11. E PA/NJ/DE Winter 2017-18 OBS Thread

    25/20 temp is dropping like a rock, Should be an interesting mess tomorrow
  12. E PA/NJ/DE Winter 2017-18 OBS Thread

    Out here in Berks we went above freezing late night but up till then we had a decent icing event trees and walkways mainly but that was after 2" of snow had fallen. we still have the albeit its frozen glacier at this point. are you thinking it could be worse this time?
  13. E PA/NJ/DE Winter 2017-18 OBS Thread

    Yeah same here roads where wet but trees walks were icing.
  14. E PA/NJ/DE Winter 2017-18 OBS Thread

    Wow what a mess this turned out to be roads were absolutely horrendous this morning. Looks like the same issues will be occurring on Wednesday