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  1. Looks like a decent line forming from about State College south and west
  2. Same here, it was a wild light show in the distance with no thunder.
  3. Man that radar looks ominous, last night it seemed like the same look until it reached rt 78 then just fizzled for the most part
  4. it was definitely 1" plus an hour for a while
  5. just about 4" here and there is flooding for sure
  6. Heaviest rain yet falling now. still no power
  7. yeah its cranking out here not sure the speed but some very large oak trees pushin sideways
  8. And our power just went out, lovely
  9. yeah this isnt now where near as bad as it was Sunday morning that was insane for only 2.5 hours
  10. Heavy rain 1.75 so far, flooding is already starting
  11. Moderate rain with Thunder in the distance
  12. Yup 5.5" in like 3 hrs here in Western Berks