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  1. Isn’t The trend so far this winter is to bring these storms NW?
  2. 26f/dp27 winds [email protected] finally changed to sleet after 2.70” of snow
  3. Yeah if temps are forecast to rise and they don’t pretreat
  4. 31f/dp27 wc25, Im guessing a few inches In Berks before the mix with sleet then rain, not really counting on backend snow.
  5. 29f/dp27 cloudy skies, not sure what to expect out here in Western Berks Sunday night I’ve seen 1-4, 3-6 even 6-10 before changing to rain.
  6. 14f had a snow squall come through about 2am only lasted about 5 minutes but enough to whiten the the roads
  7. 25f dp14 with clearing skies, part of me wishes this arctic air would last a few weeks instead of a couple days.
  8. Was definitely a bit dicey out here this morning between 8-10am sidewalks were sheet of ice and my road was icy temp held @ 30 till about 10ish then slowly creeped above freezing. I’m at 33 now with very light rain
  9. Thanks Buckeye, let’s make it a permanent timeout the banter was getting ridiculous. This sub form is great cause we usually don’t have the controversy.
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