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  1. 31F/Dp26 light freezing drizzle and occasionally sleet mixing in, roads are ok but sidewalks and trees not so good
  2. Just watch March will somehow come thru with cold and Snow just when we’ve all given up, it’s so frustrating all the great posts about the Pattern being perfect setup for East Coast Snow Storms only to them fail every possible way.
  3. 20f/Dp6 still looks like 1-3" out here with Freezing rain and drizzle now for most of Tuesday and possibly changing back to snow later in the day. I can do without the Freezing rain part.
  4. My point and click says 2-4 but seriously doubt that happens
  5. so I guess a general 1-3 for most areas south of 78 at least thats Mt Hollys thinking. Im good with that.
  6. Works for me, now if we can get the follow up threat to start the tick N, snow on snow would be great
  7. Hopefully the south trend starts tomorrow, even looks like mixing out here yikes.
  8. what are we 5 days out now? so these models should start some sort of consensus soon correct? If I remember correctly the mid December storm was modeled pretty well by about day 5 but the finer details didn't come till 48hrs.
  9. Really cant wait to see what model wins on this threat, seems like GFS is in its own little universe for now.
  10. according to that radar it should be snow/rain in my neck of the woods in Berks but nothing reaching the ground yet
  11. 39F cloudy and a stiff breeze, Ugh well its the 15th is this day RedSky? are you throwing the towel in? Im thinking its not looking good for snow I guess there is still a long way to go but we keep trying to catch up to the pattern change and storm threats at 10 days and just not happening. Id still rather have cold and dry opposed to cold, warm, rain, cold.