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  1. Moderate rain with Thunder in the distance
  2. Yup 5.5" in like 3 hrs here in Western Berks
  3. It was absolutely insane from 3am till 6:30am the thunder and lightning was unreal then the the torrential rain started shortly after.
  4. Major flooding out here in Western Berks, 4" of rain in about 1.5 hours.
  5. Im no Expert but it seems when the storms have that trajectory South east I guess you call it? we seems to get the very severe storms around here, when they move East or Northeast they seem to fizzle then re fire up to the East. Is there any validation to that?
  6. Man it’s looking like the end of the world out here no lightning or wind yet but it look ominous
  7. pretty calm out here now, one gust 25mph so far hopefully we luck out and it’s not bad.
  8. 1.10 so far, winds 9mph gust to 25, temp. 60
  9. Starting Monday we are pulling the spreaders out and removing a few plows, so you can lock that forecast in for sure.
  10. I was watching a few cams from up that way and couldn't hardly see the snow depth signs,
  11. This winter has been a true definition of Azz, or as the New Englanders say A Ratter either way ya slice it sucked, the fact that I had 3 snow events that totaled 6" really tells the story its even worse around Philly. I hope this is the Grand Finale of Shitty winters and next year we really cash in because quite honestly it couldn't get any worse, That's my Rant to close out Winter.
  12. we actually do ok in seasons like these, my company has a decent amount of Seasonal contracts, they pay whether it snows or not, its the bad winters they get screwed on.