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  1. Second wave of snow has started here. Medium flakes at a light-side-of-medium rate. Very happy to see snow. 25 degrees here.
  2. Light snow. Looks like a lull is eminent. Maybe half an inch of snow on the ground. 24 here.
  3. Wunderground (Weather Underground), Storm Radar, Weather Radio, WeatherAlerts, NOAA Weather Radar, MyRadar Pro, Hi-Def Radar, and WeatherBug.
  4. Do any of you have apple devices? I have like ten weather apps on my iphone and most of them frankly suck. I just wondered if any of you have any weather app suggestions? Sorry if this was the wrong place to put this...Oh! Also, a late Merry Christmas. Happy New Year, and happy solstice, happy holidays, and happy everything:)
  5. Flurries here right now. With A high of 64 in the forecast for Saturday, I sure hope a big snow follows... or at least something that feels like winter.
  6. Temp just dropped a degree to 33. Light misty rain falling. Had a great day but going to give the movie tonight a miss just in case.
  7. Thank you, KamuSnow! I’ll be checking this thread multiple times an hour... partly due to making decisions tomorrow, but also because I love when there’s possible winter weather afoot and all of you start posting a lot- it’s wonderful!
  8. I’m going to be glued to this thread over the next 20 hours. Husband has a company Christmas party in Lawrenceville, NJ... and we have tickets to see a Miyazaki film tomorrow night at Oxford Valley. I’m originally from TN where there aren’t many snow plows when weather gets bad so we learn to stay far away from each other in case we slip and slide.... but up here, most cars seem to ride each other’s bumpers when the road is covered with snow or ice so I prefer to give driving in it a miss if possible. I was happy to read that Wiggum thinks things might be looking positive for a real winter.
  9. It’s currently 33 here. We’ve had snow this evening, but it’s soaking wet outside now. The snowfall isn’t heavy enough (It’s really flurries) to lay on the ground at all. Disappointing to be sure. Still. I rather like Wiggum’s words about having a disappointing early storm paving the way for a nice winter this year as opposed to the opposite that happened last year.
  10. 34 here. A few flurries. We don’t have sunshine like some of you are mentioning. The sky here looks like a solid grey sheet of paper. *Note pic is from this morning after the ten minutes of lightly heavy (it was a bit more than moderate) snow. No snow since other than occasional flurries.
  11. We have 33 degrees and a nice heavy snow falling.
  12. You’re right. I do know Though that we might get nothing... after last winter, I’ve been trained to expect the least (no snow at all), but I tend to be naturally optimistic and idealistic...
  13. I am so happy about snow!!! After last year where it seemed like every storm had a weather pattern against us, it’s wonderful to see changes going in a positive direction... I hope this is the beginning of a very snowy winter for all of us! ⛄️❄️
  14. I’d be thrilled to get even an inch this early... especially when the 2019-2020 winter season is looking to be much nicer snow-wise than last year.