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  1. Thank you!!! As I learn more, I’ll definitely have questions. Before, I didn’t even know where to begin. I always failed at learning on my own because I didn’t know the science. I still don’t, but I’m finally truly learning. In all honesty, if there’s a hint of snow in the forecast, I turn to this forum to find the real forecast. With this wave 3 hopeful storm, I’ve finally learned what a Miller B storm is... I hope this storm happens... It will be an entirely new experience to understand WHY it’s snowing.
  2. Thank you! I’ll bookmark them! Somehow by staying in my literature & languages niche, I never learned the underpinnings of the science of weather. I did attempt to learn on my own but found it wasn’t easy like learning a language. I needed a teacher. I just discovered the class yesterday. A sad example of my lack of knowledge - I knew cold air is heavier than warm air, but I only learned yesterday it’s called buoyancy:D My goal is to be able to read the posts here and fully understand everything said.
  3. Please post weather the weather model runs you’re loving if it isn’t too much trouble though I might well be the only one who isn’t good at finding them on my own. I’ve been excited since I read Ralph’s posts here last night. The possibility is wonderful fun regardless of whether we get some snow or a ton from the storm. I’ve intended to learn for awhile now and am finally taking a Harvard (Free- using EdX) “Backyard Meteorology” online course. I learned about isobars yesterday:) I’m light-years behind all of you, but weather is one of my favorite things. I know weather (I was over the moon the first time I saw graupel), but I don’t know the science behind it.... or the science behind that:) I’m learning though:)
  4. Lovely snow squall a little after 11 a.m. today. The dog and I went out to play.
  5. Sleet is falling here like someone dumping sand from a bucket. Like @@Hurricane Agnes the sleet is audible over Taylor Swift and a fire playing loudly in the background. About five inches of snow with sleet starting to pile on top. 26 degrees according to Wunderground. Forecast has possible gusts up to 45 mph. Exciting storm!
  6. We’ve gotten two inches in the past 45 minutes. Amazing to have real snow after almost two years. I’ve been going outside every 30 to 45 minutes. Huge flakes pouring down. The word I’m choosing to describe this is... JOY:) 27 degrees according to Wunderground.
  7. Bucks County here... Flurries began about an hour ago... It’s coming down lightly now... 27 degrees according to Wunderground.
  8. This makes me want to cry. I’d be in the one inch area:(
  9. Honestly, even six inches will feel like a monumental windfall to me after the past 652 days.
  10. I’m delighted at the possibility of a real snow. Last winter was an exercise in snow desolation. 2020 as a year has been misery-filled. The possibility of snow... real snow... and fierce winds swirling the snow into ethereal etchings in the air... It’s nice to feel pure joy and hope. If we get at least five inches or more, I’m going to be outside every chance I get. I’ve missed the muffled silence snow brings... and the crisp crunch of fresh snow underfoot...
  11. Second wave of snow has started here. Medium flakes at a light-side-of-medium rate. Very happy to see snow. 25 degrees here.
  12. Light snow. Looks like a lull is eminent. Maybe half an inch of snow on the ground. 24 here.
  13. Wunderground (Weather Underground), Storm Radar, Weather Radio, WeatherAlerts, NOAA Weather Radar, MyRadar Pro, Hi-Def Radar, and WeatherBug.