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  1. It’s currently 33 here. We’ve had snow this evening, but it’s soaking wet outside now. The snowfall isn’t heavy enough (It’s really flurries) to lay on the ground at all. Disappointing to be sure. Still. I rather like Wiggum’s words about having a disappointing early storm paving the way for a nice winter this year as opposed to the opposite that happened last year.
  2. 34 here. A few flurries. We don’t have sunshine like some of you are mentioning. The sky here looks like a solid grey sheet of paper. *Note pic is from this morning after the ten minutes of lightly heavy (it was a bit more than moderate) snow. No snow since other than occasional flurries.
  3. We have 33 degrees and a nice heavy snow falling.
  4. You’re right. I do know Though that we might get nothing... after last winter, I’ve been trained to expect the least (no snow at all), but I tend to be naturally optimistic and idealistic...
  5. I am so happy about snow!!! After last year where it seemed like every storm had a weather pattern against us, it’s wonderful to see changes going in a positive direction... I hope this is the beginning of a very snowy winter for all of us! ⛄️❄️
  6. I’d be thrilled to get even an inch this early... especially when the 2019-2020 winter season is looking to be much nicer snow-wise than last year.
  7. So there’s no chance of the temp dropping to help the storm? We’ve got snow in the forecast (Newtown) from 6 am to 11 pm. I see temps from 39 to 37 all day which goes against the snow actually happening much less sticking... but can’t the temp end up being cooler? it’s just so quiet here. I thought I’d see excitement about the possibilities... and discussion about what white whale changes need to happen for the storm to become a reality. Don’t give up on snow and winter already. You guys really make winter and the joy of weather come alive.
  8. We got about 4.0” here. With the blue skies and sunshine, it’s gorgeous... much like @ChasingFlakes but less snow here... I’m delighted the snow is still here today! I feared it would all be melted.
  9. It’s 33, and we’ve got about 2 inches of snow so far in Newtown. It’s like Narnia here:) I’d like a foot or more, but I am happy to have any snow:)
  10. This just made my day:) Looks like we’ll maybe see the snow ghost of a unicorn!
  11. Thanks, Kamusnow. I’m usually on here multiple times a day... I’m quiet because OOOH SNOW isn’t much to contribute... but hopefully sometime in the future, I’ll be able to hold my own. I ordered weather books... and am always looking up new things I learn from all of you. I’m sure I’m not the only quiet person who relies upon and loves the posts here. You’re all awesome!
  12. I haven’t posted simply because I still don’t know nearly enough to contribute anything to the conversation. I’ve quietly lurked for a couple of years. My friends and relatives text me to find out the REAL weather that I suss out from reading Wiggum, RedSky, Iceman, Kamusnow, Agnes, etc. I could mention everyone since I feel like I know them. Once I do feel like I know enough to post, I imagine there will be a warm welcome. These are nice folks who have created a warm lovely group of weather lovers.... and they know their stuff... My guess is that if you want to be part of the group and get responses, you’ll need to post frequently enough that they know who you are... I do understand being disappointed by the snow that seems to veer off and miss us. It sometimes feels like the weather has set up a “Bermuda Triangle” of sorts for us this winter... Hoping for snow makes me feel like Sisyphus lately, and I’m an idealistic optimist.