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Upstate/Eastern New York- Jan 5-7 Lake Effect Snow Event

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3 minutes ago, wolfie09 said:

weatherstory (51).gif

I don't know what to think for us tomorrow/tomorrow night. BUF is most zealous with that snow map, BGM has 3 to 5 inch advisories for us, the most recent NAM and mesos have the band even FURTHER SW of us over the eastern Finger Lakes (seems to be the norm anymore)... 

Perhaps they're going with Rgem, which we we know is the best lake effect model. Plus, the bands often end up more north. I sure hope we can get that 6 to 8 inches, but I'm extremely skeptical considering the many ways things have gone down while living here.

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23 minutes ago, BuffaloWeather said:

Added a 18-24" stripe across the airport and just south


I'm by the 990 and even if the current band sat right here through Midnight, we wouldn't reach a foot. NWS and their clown maps sometimes...

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North side of Buffalo has a lot of snow!  All these tiny back streets are completely clogged with snow.  These are the fun ones to blast around on. I’m sitting in a nice position now waiting for that new strong band to get here. 

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14 minutes ago, CNY-LES FREAK said:

After tomorrow, lol, NYC and the surrounding suburbs of the Tri -State are will have more snow than Syracuse. I'm going back into my hole!!

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Most recent disco from BGM NWS. Check out the bolded print. Take it to the bank....bahahahahahahaha.


As the storm passes Friday morning strong cold air advection
sets up setting off lake effect snow. The low level flow this
time is from the northwest so CNY will be better involved. Again
this will be a quick shot as high pressure and a ridge builds in
late Friday night and Saturday morning with sinking dry air.
850mb temperatures fall to -17c. Moisture extends up to 10k ft
with the dendrite zone in the middle of it. The problem here is
the low level flow keeps shifting so a solid band does not set
up for long. A band looks best in the afternoon and evening
across Onondaga and Madison Counties. Combined with the snow
will be strong gusty winds causing blowing snow. 2 to 5 inches
but northwest Onondaga could get a little more.
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48 minutes ago, wolfie09 said:

weatherstory (51).gif


2 minutes ago, TugHillMatt said:

I feel bad (only teeny tiny bit) high-jacking the "Lake Effect Snow" thread, but felt our shot of Lake Effect Flurries wasn't really worth a whole separate thread...so, here we are...looking for snowflakes...yelling at the skies...


Yes, let's do this...sick of seeing the green grass all season so far...

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Updated totals:


Location                     Amount    Time/Date       Lat/Lon

...New York...

...Erie County...
Cheektowaga                  18.0 in   0200 PM 01/06   42.91N/78.75W
Lancaster                    16.0 in   0200 PM 01/06   42.90N/78.67W
Lancaster                    15.0 in   0200 PM 01/06   42.90N/78.67W
Buffalo International ARPT   14.1 in   0100 PM 01/06   42.95N/78.72W
1 SE Harris Hill             13.5 in   0238 PM 01/06   42.97N/78.67W
Clarence                     12.0 in   0200 PM 01/06   42.98N/78.58W


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3 minutes ago, vortmax said:


Yes, let's do this...sick of seeing the green grass all season so far...

Recent Rgem is still showing the WNW flow with a nice jackpot right by you of 6 inches. I just might have to do a "Delta-Buffalowx style chase" to your hood for that lollipop. We gotta show these guys the seriousness of snow up to our ankles.

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