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  1. What do the winds look like during that same time. I imagine you are seeing the lake breeze crashing through. I have seen it happen a lot this year in my backyard. Nice warm afternoon then a stiff north breeze takes over as the lake front passes and temps nose dive.
  2. Wolfie, very cool pics! I haven't seen many of those superior mirages images during the day. A few weeks back one of Rochester local photographers (Neil Montanus) captured an impressive superior mirage at night looking due North. You can see all the lights from the cities on the Canadian shore. It was pretty wild!
  3. Well here’s a pretty solid data point that this winter/spring is highly anomalous. This is the least amount of snow on mt Mansfield on this date since 1954 (67 years). All of us snow junkies better start looking for a new way to get our fix...
  4. I blocked him long ago, and if you guys would stop feeding the troll and quoting him I would never have to see his stupid posts again. Block him, you won't be missing out on anything.
  5. Yup, not looking good at all. One last kick in the dick for the year.
  6. Man I’d love to see this storm crush us. It would be the biggest April storm that I can remember if we get more than 4-5 inches. As always with this winter, We are right on the cusp and im mentally preparing to be majorly disappointed. Ugh.
  7. Recovering from second dose of the vaccine or actual covid?
  8. Looks like about 50,000 without power in Cleveland. Peak gust of 62mph between 5-6am.
  9. I think Sunday is going to end up being the bigger wind event as well.
  10. I wouldn’t be too worried. We’ve survived much bigger ones in the last few years. Also, I’m jealous of your location as usual
  11. The storm on Sunday actually looks like another fairly textbook setup for high winds. It might be a two for one kind of weekend! I’ll take!!
  12. Absolutely. The most important thing for us to take wind events to the next level is good diurnal mixing. Im not sold we clear out enough in time but I’m hopeful.
  13. Looks like a standard SW high wind event to me, granted I only see about 4-6 hours of high winds. High Res NAM shows a classic funneling up the lake with some impressive 10m gusts. We can only hope!!
  14. I feel like this Friday Storm could bring us a short lived High Wind Warning event, would be the first in many months. The low track is tenuous though, would love to see it bump NW a scosh.
  15. What is the original source of this photo, I’d like to know what all the labels are? Also to note is Bristol mountains impressive snowmaking. I’ve circled them in the attached image.