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  1. I’ll lose all credibility now because I like collinsworth. I find him highly entertaining, even when he’s trashing my team lol. The intense hate of announcers always fascinates me.
  2. Romo is one of the best if not the best announcer in football and that seems to be the general consensus among well….damn near everyone. Shocked you don’t like him.
  3. I think this is reasonable. I had a season pass there for years and have a coworker that lives right at the top of that hill. They often have more snow than surrouding locations. As Tim mentioned they pick up quite a bit of elevation dependent snow during late fall and especially in April. I’ve definitely been there before where it’s raining at the base and snowing halfway up. A definite micro climate.
  4. Yeah I'm excited but also aware that I am in a high risk reward scenario here. A jog too far west and all the snowboarding gear isnt even leaving the truck. Hell if I knew for sure it would rain the whole time by Thursday morning I'd bail altogether and only be out 300 bucks total on the trip.
  5. I’m well aware it’s all on the table…. from washout, to blue skies, to 3 feet of snow. If we wash out I save a bunch of money on lift tickets and do a lot of partying in the Airbnb. It’s hard to not have fun on a ski trip if you go with the right people. I obviously want a massive snow storm though.
  6. I’ll be in Vermont this weekend from Thursday to Sunday so all of the sudden this storm is getting very interesting for me. Imagine my luck if this pans out!
  7. Snowed here all day which I didn’t really expect. Close to 3 new inches now, ill take it!
  8. All jokes aside, the airport is probably the only place that measures at the correct intervals in that area which easily adds 10-20 inches on a season. You could add that same amount to a lot of places south of the lake if we all measured correctly.
  9. Ugh I get the feeling the pattern breaks hard in February and we just torch like wild. It doesn’t look good and makes sense. We will have had about 6 weeks of cold before it happens.
  10. Scott Hetsko posted a nice visible loop today showing a really solid meso low on the Monroe county shoreline! As usual not sure if the video will work for all. (nope, didnt work, but if you have facebook he has a loop on his page!) IMG_3018.MOV
  11. I just wish Erie was as deep or deeper then Ontario... that would be a massive game changer.
  12. Lake Effect snow really is a wild thing. It's been snowing pretty good for almost 7 hours straight and I don't think it has even accumulated more than a quarter inch (if that). It's like magic movie snow. Strange.
  13. I can’t dispute that but I give the players way more credit than the coach in a performance like that. They were firing on all cylinders that night.
  14. I'd have no issue with Daboll going somewhere. I think hes overrated.
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