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  1. It’s a silly map for sure. I’m in the 4-6 range and likely will not see an inch. So you can trim 4-6 off everything to start lol
  2. We came incredibly close to a very snowy game. Look at these backing winds trying to setup a decent band, just a few wind degrees shy.
  3. There are two things to unpack here. Some people do just complain a lot, and that gets tiring but it somewhat understandable in a year like this when we are diehard winter enthusiasts. There is also our one lonely troll (who I have blocked, but I can see him post when others quote). No one understands his schtick so I advise the rest of you to just block him and move on. On the other hand, we also happen to be in the midst of a historically low snowfall totals, therefore there isn't much to do except complain. If we can't complain, then there is honestly nothing to even discuss. I'd rather kibitz about the lousy weather than just not talk at all. People complaining doesn't change the weather. A shitty winter is a shitty winter and thus there will be a lot of sad posts...thats life. I'm not sure what you expect from us in a winter like this. We are passionate winter lovers and we literally have nothing to show for it. I'm trying to be positive by at least saying it would be fun to break a low snowfall record, that's something noteworthy at least.
  4. I keep coming in here hoping there will be something to follow, but there just isnt (for ROC specifically). Just more rain and green grass. You can't squeeze blood from a stone. I'm officially pulling for no snow from here on out. Will be far more interesting to smash a record in that direction than to dink and dunk my way to 45 lousy inches. Good grief.
  5. This is where we get into trouble. I think it would honestly be better for all our mental health if we didnt look beyond 5-7 days. it's just such a fools game with the way the GFS and some of these models seem to runaway and overamplify patterns out past 10 days. It's just not based in reality.
  6. This is a wacky winter. Just crunched some numbers. Since December first, it has snowed 33 out of 43 days..... for whopping 11.2" of snow!! That's pretty wild to have frozen precip on that many days yet it amounts to virtually nothing. We are definitely lining up to have a top 5 least snowy winters ever for KROC. I always say I like extremes, so if its not going to snow, lets at least break some records. Would be pretty historic to see us be under 40 on the season. The lowest seasonal snow total for KROC since 1940 is 41" ......It only takes one big storm though.
  7. At least this lackluster winter isnt confined to just our area. The whole country is really struggling this year. Some areas really count on snowfall....could be a tough spring and summer out west if things don't shape up.
  8. All eyes now on the potential for a major snow game next week!! The potential is way higher than normal with this upcoming setup. Allen doesn’t play well in snow but sure would make it memorable.
  9. Rochester doesn’t look to get more than passing snow showers with this potential pattern. I think we could start inching into record territory for lowest snowfall this year. I’m already planning to travel into some snow again in the coming weeks so I can work with this pattern! Would love to see another SW wind event for Erie. Easy to chase and best rates around. Chasing east of Lake Ontario is much more difficult, there are so few roads and towns. Much more dangerous too.
  10. As others have mentioned, I went to the doctor after my first bout of intense anxiety and they immediately tried to put me on anti depressants and benzos. I filled the scripts but never took a pill. I will say that knowing that I had benzos on hand in case a truly debilitating panic attack hit was reassuring. It was actually enough to help me ride through some of the darker times just knowing that If needed, I could chemically calm myself. Years later, I got a super low dose of lorazepam for long distance flights. Flying usually makes me a little uneasy and the thought of a crippling panic attack hitting during the middle of my 13 hour flight to New Zealand was somewhat terrifying. I took 1 on the flight there and none on the way back...but I travel with them and they act as a little security blanket. It's almost like a placebo as just knowing I have them seems to fend off the impending waves of anxiety. All that said, and 13 years of the best solutions to anxiety has been simple deep breathing. There is a sense of control one can get from controlling their breathing. Definitely something you should try out.
  11. Good post Wolfie. I was a regular happy go lucky guy until April of 2007 when I had my first unprovoked panic attack while sitting and watching tv on a random Wednesday night (with absolutely no external stressors). From that day on, I've never been the same person. The genie is out of the bottle. Anxiety is the strangest and most unpredictable thing I've ever experienced. Before this time, I never understood people who had anxiety, or what a panic attack was...I kind of thought they were just being dramatic. Afterwards, I fully understood. I've had several years that were pretty dark and full of anxiety, I've then had reprieves of several years where I had very little anxiety, but I always know its lurking and waiting for a trigger to rear its ugly head again. As the years have gone by, I've learned to recognize the signs and signals of impending anxiety and depression (which are oddly intermingled and don't always present the way you think they would). As Wolfie stated, Anxiety will mimic real physical pain and prey upon your fears. It will manifest as real tangible pain even though nothing is wrong. I have also been to the ER a few times thinking I was dying or having a heart attack....and of course they never found anything...because it was anxiety induced and mostly in my head. Last fall was a hard time for me, then I did alright until the last few months where I have once again been fighting the anxiety demons. Your symptoms do sound somehow anxiety related. I'm not saying this is a for sure thing but something to consider. Keep getting tests and going to the doctor. I've found that once a doctor cleared me of a supposed ailment, my anxiety had less ability to convince me something was wrong. I think your body was in strange state on that Sunday, maybe a little dehydrated, little tired, then the alcohol, caffeine, and exertion just set something off. Now your nervous system and brain are in overdrive trying to identify something wrong (or a reason for the episode) and amplifying normal sensations into panic inducing ailments. It's a nasty feedback loop. You feel little dizzy, you get worried, the worry makes you more dizzy, you panic more, etc etc. I ****ing hate it, but that's life. Some of us have fragile brains. If you've never experienced anxiety, be extremely grateful. It can be crippling.
  12. Do you have a decent winter vehicle? We could caravan into some bands in the next few weeks if things continue to trend that way.
  13. This almost sounds like some form of atrial fibrillation. Just try to stay calm and follow the doctors advice. The body is miraculous thing and can usually bounce back from a lot. Staying mentally positive is important in getting things back on track. I'm sending you some healing vibes and you'll be in my thoughts. Keep your head up bud.
  14. Pretty good article from a reputable source on the current climate change situation. We are paying the price right now for decades of massive carbon releases....and I can't say I find any of it hard to believe with what we are seeing in our backyards and around the world.
  15. Another interesting fact for this bizarre winter. It has been anomalously cloudy. The last day in Rochester that was considered "Mostly Sunny" was November 10!! Almost 2 full months since we had a sunny day. My one weather station that has no battery backup and relies solely on solar power has basically stopped working aside from the most barebone functions, pretty shitty timing for me to set that one up. I honestly can't remember it ever being this cloudy for this long. Just weeks and weeks of low clouds....and not a damn snowflake to show for it.