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  1. I’ve been in my house for 13 years and that’s a top 5 heavy rain event. 3.30” in 6 hours. Enjoyed watching it all day and evening. Even got a little nap in the three seasons room. Best background sleeping noise ever.
  2. I did very well and It’s still coming! Might break 3 when all is said and done
  3. The dynamics just north of the center of that low are strong. Hopefully as it approaches things fill in for you.
  4. Getting crushed here. Getting close to 1.75 in about 30 minutes and still coming. Heaviest rain I’ve seen in years for my backyard. Hallelujah!
  5. The Monroe/Wayne county line just got 3 inches of rain in an hour if the digital estimate is right. Major back building in some of these storms.
  6. The new arm of storms looks like it has some rotation. Probably doesn’t have the updraft strength though but interesting. Just to the right of Leroy at the end of the loop.
  7. Some places are going to get inches of rain today. Other places might end up with less than a .10. Tricky setup with this tightly wound “tropical-ish” low and ribbons of instability. Swing and a miss on round 1
  8. Put this in the outflow boundary hall of fame for symmetry. So beautiful!
  9. Suspicious was a bad choice of words. Perplexing is better. It’s just unusual that dansville and other normally really hot spots came up short while Buffalo roasted. Weird wild stuff... I saw 98 on the truck thermometer numerous times driving on 104 in Wayne county. Also saw it hit 98 in downtown Rochester on 490 so there is no doubt that it was extremely hot. Once I got out to my house it dropped to 94 which seemed reasonable and agreed with the kROC NWS numbers at the time. A great heat wave with very manageable humidity.
  10. So any ideas why Buffalo is suddenly the hottest location in our area after being the coolest location (In events like this) for many decades? Did they pave a new parking lot nearby? Is there an increasing affect from urban heat islands? This whole thing is bizarre and almost suspicious. Can any buffalo observers verify that it felt historically hot?
  11. It’s quickly transitioning to an evening comet. I think today and tomorrow are the only days it can be seen both in the morning and at night (But that means it’s actually one of the harder days to find it as it’s closer to the rising and setting sun). It’ll get easier to see it as it enters darker skies in the nights ahead but it’s also fading at that time so kind of a wash maybe? I was able to see it from 410-5am on Tuesday morning. Here is my bush league pic - iPhone held over the eyepiece of a 30 dollar crappy refractive telescope.
  12. To me that outage looks like poorly maintained or damaged hardware failing under heavy load. Typically when people talk about rolling blackouts and heat related outages they are referring to demand outpacing the supply such that the local power generating facilities cannot keep up. That said, you are correct, the failure in Buffalo was heat related, just kind of indirectly IMO.
  13. Those outages are not driven by excessive electrical demand.
  14. Can you cut and paste the article for those of us that can't bypass the pay wall?
  15. This isn't Cali, from what I've read NY has quite a bit of electrical overhead to tap into if needed.