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3 minutes ago, dan11295 said:

possible the eye goes to the east of the location, but there aren't many good options closer to the center of track/coast without putting yourself at too much risk.

I know that area decently well - the world ends in Houma. Nothing south/east is safe in a storm, for sure. 

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4 minutes ago, dan11295 said:

I think the core misses downtown NO, but there is still going to be a lot of damage from this.

Yeah but better in the swamps than right into NO or the Mississippi Coast-especially viewing that camera in Grand Isle. Maybe it can sit there awhile and spin down abit/slow down abit before moving on it?

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Looking at how this thing bombed out...and looking at the comments yesterday about Ida "sputtering" and "not gonna be as crazy as we thought"...I think it's a reminder for all of us: don't underestimate forecastes RI when a storm goes through bath water with few limiting features!

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1 minute ago, Wmsptwx said:

New Orleans and highly populated areas dodging major bullet. Let it go Into uninhabited swamps.

Those swamps are filled with expensive industrial things and it will eventually come inland to the i-10 corridor. This isn’t Laura. 

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