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Pre New Years Clipper/Re-developer

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Nice event down here along the CT shoreline. About 1.5-2 inches here.



...Fairfield County...
   Bridgeport Airport     1.9   400 PM 12/30  Co-Op Observer
   Norwalk                1.5   210 PM 12/30  Public
   New Canaan             1.4   400 PM 12/30  Public
   Stamford               1.3   354 PM 12/30  Social Media
   Stratford              1.3   325 PM 12/30  CoCoRaHS
   Shelton                1.2   420 PM 12/30  Trained Spotter
   Weston                 1.1   108 PM 12/30  Trained Spotter
   New Fairfield          1.0   320 PM 12/30  Trained Spotter

...Middlesex County...
   Old Saybrook           2.0   300 PM 12/30  Broadcast Media
   Westbrook              1.8   245 PM 12/30  Social Media

...New Haven County...
   Oxford                 1.5   300 PM 12/30  Broadcast Media
   1 ESE North Haven      1.4   240 PM 12/30  Trained Spotter
   1 WNW North Haven      1.3   305 PM 12/30  Trained Spotter
   Madison                1.0   300 PM 12/30  Broadcast Media
   North Haven            1.0   100 PM 12/30  Trained Spotter
   Naugatuck              0.8  1230 PM 12/30  Social Media
   Rockland               0.8   120 PM 12/30  Trained Spotter
   2 NW Waterbury         0.5   315 PM 12/30  Trained Spotter


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Had almost an inch. Not bad. A little more than I expected. Could've been a pretty solid event if it had just a little more sharpness but considering what it looked like 18 hours ago I'll take it. 

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I'm sorry I don't mean to laugh but are folks really running out and measuring tenths of a inch or just eyeballing? Where are the ruler pics? A degree of slant could make a .3 into a .4. We need accuracy...lol.

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9 hours ago, Baroclinic Zone said:

Calling it 1/2"

Snow between 5-8pm salvaged this.  Had the best snow growth of the storm in this period.  Upped my total to 0.80" after my initial 0.5" #.  More of a wintry appeal now too.  Trees have snow on them as does the road.

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