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  1. Huge flakes here in PYM. Dusting already down.
  2. Filling in nicely
  3. Mood snows for days....
  4. Another 1'+ for Eastern ME. My father has a cabin an hour NE of Bangor I can't wait to see his pictures.
  5. Snowing pretty good again here. Probably one of the last bands to curl in.
  6. Freezing rain for the past 15 minutes.
  7. All heavy pasty snow here in Plymouth. Coming down like gangbusters though.
  8. Slushiest snow ever in Plymouth right now.
  9. South West area of Plymouth. Near 28/495
  10. Weatherfella what town are you in?
  11. Looks real good over in PYM as well.
  12. Looks like 4-8 even down here for Monday. I'd take that and run. Crazy amounts in Maine wow
  13. What does it give the Plymouth area?
  14. Snowing beautifully right now. Light to moderate but amazingly peaceful.
  15. Ditto... even looks like a bit of rain up the NE coast