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  1. For what it's worth the RGEM in clown range is a mini nuke of the cape lol
  2. Shows almost of foot down here. HAHA.... thing is off it's rocker.
  3. Everything here has a coating. Deep Winter
  4. I couldn't believe what I was seeing it's been so long.
  5. Gusting REAL good down here. Coming down good in Houlton, should make for a good day up there.
  6. 3k NAM seems cold with a decent thump.
  7. Heading up to the Maine cabin in Weston, ME in two weeks. Wish this was coming then. Man that's a crushing. At least it should remain for a wintry playground.
  8. Nammy isn't terrible for SE Mass either.... jump around
  9. Bump West on the CMC as well.
  10. https://youtu.be/7nqcL0mjMjw
  11. Glad I never got invested in this thing. It never seemed legit for extreme SE Mass anyway.
  12. Honestly a little surprised that I haven't flipped yet
  13. Hoping a catch a piece of that!
  14. About 2" here. Looks like a nice band coming in from New Bedford. Still snowing....