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  1. Trying to go all organic here. I've been watching a lot of Lawn Care Nut videos on youtube this winter.
  2. I need to take some before and after pictures. My lawn currently looks like the the previous home owners didn't even rake it never mind put down fertilizer or seed. Here's to getting it lush and green by the fall.
  3. Since we don't have a lawn thread yet this year I'll throw this here. I moved to a new house over the fall and the lot needs a lot of new seeding. It was to late in the fall to seed and I'd like to get some down this spring. I'd pretty much take snow at anytime but now I'm wishing for consistent days above freezing so I can grow some new grass. I guess I have a few more weeks at least before I can throw down some seed and fertilizer.
  4. Mood snows in South Plymouth now.
  5. Blizzard isn't meh... This isn't coming now.
  6. 3k and 4k nam look better than 12z
  7. If I get 4 to 6 inches out of this threat it would be a great way to end the season out east
  8. 3k NAM looks like a nice hit for SE areas
  9. We take that over here!
  10. We are getting some impressive rain down here. I wouldn't be surprised to see bare ground in the next few hours. Good for the drought I guess
  11. Bucket's O' Rain right now..... letting it melt away
  12. Same here in PYM. That line is just below the canal. Only minutes now..... but this last hurrah is great
  13. Does this all wash away on the South Coast, PYM and CC ?