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  1. Suns out as the last flakes fall down. Beautiful little event.
  2. Heavy snow here as well. Over-performed my expectations down here.
  3. Actually coming down pretty well down here. Can't complain for this climo
  4. Had some pingers earlier but mostly çoooooold rain down here.
  5. Congrats to you guys to the NW. We got around 5'' here before the change. Now I probably have 3.5'' of cement to clear.
  6. Dumping snow here. Hoping the R/S line holds of most of the night.
  7. Not expecting much in PYM, maybe 2-4. I think we flip to rain to quickly.
  8. Noticed that even down here in Plymouth
  9. To close for comfort down this way. The late SE ticks can start anytime now.
  10. I am hoping we have the field goal posts and the EURO comes SE a bit.
  11. SE MA approved. Hopefully it can verify better than the last few storms.
  12. Most snow of the season down here in Plymouth. I assume all of this is going to wash away overnight?