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  1. 19.4 here, aquidneck island RI, believe 1st morning in the teens.
  2. Yesterdays event did it’s job, warm sector here temps to high 40’s. Most of the cover gone, had about 4”.
  3. Flipped to frozen just before 8pm last night. Mostly light till about 5am, easily 1” plus since then 28/27 portsmouth RI
  4. .75” frozen between 3-~8pm yesterday all gone now 40/40 now Portsmouth RI drove to providence train station 5 pm yesterday looked to be around 1-2” and roads were greasy and untreated in the city.
  5. Hi Kevin I am in again thanks
  6. Can you see grubs in the turf looks and from what your describing sounds like it., you should see this in the dirt when you pull grass up. I got some grub damage in sept, had grubs the size of night-crawlers. Easy to fix if that’s the case.
  7. My guess is CR, can’t let new contracts for new work under CRs. Based on current political climate govt is expected to operate under CR for entire FY20.
  8. Portsmouth FF do a great job, thank him for me.
  9. Yes , you know the area? Damage was on around Mary street
  10. Drove by the spot last night, already cut the trees up, but there were some big , healthy trees down
  11. Videos from Portsmouth are from my neighborhood. Was at the gym at the time and got home after dark so didn’t see any damage but was rerouted to my house because utility poles down.
  12. Group of us usually go to the cape 3rd week of sept. This year stayed at a friends beach house in weakapaug and played SWRI and SECT courses. Played 36 Richmond CC Friday , 36 @ foxhopyard in east haddam on sat and finished 18lake of isles on Sunday. Never played foxhopyard, man what a layout. Wish I took some pics of 3, we played the blues so played that from the back tees. Beautiful. Great course but their greens are in tough shape. Head pro said the are shutting down front (?) nine to work on them. Hope thy figure it out. Even though it’s pricey , if they fix their greens worth a play.
  13. Sweet lots of rain here until about the last 10 days, had to start watering
  14. Good idea what I would suggest is make sure they have trackman set up ,can really dial everything in . Some screen caps of a session last winter tt