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  1. Yeah one thing to consider when you’re buying new clubs is to see if your local club/pro will let you demo sets. I am lucky enough to have a relationship with the pro at one of the local clubs I am not a member at . I talk to him and when I was in the market I went to hi. First and he let me play with ping, titleist and Calloway. He set up a fitting with the titlist rep and gave me a deal when I bought through him. I didn’t have to but no5ing brats actually paying a round or two with a set before you buy. I have done that before with drivers as well. One point I demo’d a driver liked it so much I just bought the demo at a deep discount
  2. yeah had my grill blow across the deck, wind roaring through the tree tops
  3. 17.6 at UUU, looks like peak gust of 52.9 at 6;53PM yesterday, some gusts to the low 40's now
  4. A few of the guys I play with who purchased over the last couple of years went with Calloway Epic more so than any other brand. They are all long and only got longer with that choice. Calloway does resell used clubs, One option is the get fitted and see if you can match on the used sight if your looking to save a couple of bucks.
  5. Be down for a golf outing if timing works
  6. Love concession, I don't think I’ve seen a course that can make the pros post so many huge scores
  7. I am broken record with this, but dont buy a driver off the rack whichever brand, get fitted, shaft is more important than the head , esp for driver. Most courses have fitt8ng events or go to a golf shop which will fit you with all brands. Last May/June got fitted and bought the year two titleist. So you can still get a deal and get fitted
  8. Damn shame , 82 career wins , 15 majors, probably walk with a limp, thankful he’s alive though.
  9. Gorgeous day UUU at 48.2 , some backyards reporting low 50s, perfect. Except for some small piles , snow is long gone.
  10. .68” of rain , pretty much back to bare grass 32 this morning off a high of 43 yesterday Portsmouth RI
  11. My southern exposure front yard , burned through 5” of fluff the last two days with high temp in low 30’s (20s most of the day) to expose some grass.
  12. About 23” and change give or take on the season
  13. 2.5” last slug, 5.5” OTG, 6” storm total , mood flakes now, Portsmouth RI
  14. .5” last hour, 2” since 5/6 pm, 5” OTG , 5.5” storm total, probably add another half or so, back to that winter look for a few days. k