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  1. after .07" combined saturday and sunday, finally got into the good stuff yesterday 1.01" for 8/13
  2. .06” so far , the beat goes on #drought
  3. Went to NYC today to move my son. This is FDR drive west I guess around 830
  4. I am not in my house for the long haul, will probably sell within the next 2-3 years, so not sinking $ into solar now Waiting for TESLA (or someone else) , to not implode , and commercialize/scale their solar roof shingles and the powerwall bundle and build forever home in Florida. Want to be able to generate power there if a cane knocks power out for week(s). have friends there who suffered much last summer with the canes. thanks for the inside info on getting the work done, hopefully they'll figure out the qualified labor part as well over the coming years.
  5. With Central air / heating i got a big electric bill last january when we had the cold spell because the air handler ran a lot to heat the house, same in the summer, but add running the condenser on top of that in the summer. I keep the house in the low to mid 60's in the winter and don't put the AC below 74 at night (bedroom is set to 70 - have to sleep in the cold) and 75/76 during the day. oil heat abolsolutely gross here this morning 76/76
  6. 3500 Sq Ft, 2 zones, 7/9- 8/6 $268 essentially the same as the Previous year which was 1561/$264
  7. Finally a good drink , generally about an inch and half over the course of 6-7 hours with some heavy downpours
  8. S&P

    9th annual Lawn Thread 2018

    late april shouldn't be a problem (especially for late July) where did you get it from? the only other thing would be if something distrubed the ground surface which would allow the seeds to germinate
  9. S&P

    9th annual Lawn Thread 2018

  10. watched from afar again yesterday, storms just north of PVD, from north portsmouth
  11. MB i was thinking of raceway, sounds private? looking for a place for league EOY
  12. .03" at UUU LOL another swing and a miss
  13. S&P

    Hmmm, A July Hybrid Storm? - Possibly

    ended up with about .8" according to backyard stations close to MBY yesterday, most fell in 20 minutes in the morning .59" at UUU