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  1. Hell of a lightning show
  2. I get fert last week from one site in Dartmouth, putting down now, ordered 8 yards of mulch. May as well have something to do outdoors during these times
  3. Not here yet, some are members only because clubhouses are closed. But most are doing things like removing rakes, elevating cups walking only, if you practice social distancing, it’s a good way to get some exercise.
  4. Yeah that’s not a lot unless you piece together something from various sources, box set is your only reasonable option. I have a box set my son used that I have replaced some pieces with that your welcome to if you want.
  5. Also as already noted you should be looking for game improvement or (not sure your skill level) super game improvement. They have bigger club head and are more forgiving for off-center hits. You can find out if what your looking at meets the is either.
  6. What’s your budget and are you looking for a full set (woods and irons) or just irons? ive never done it but I have friends who buy on eBay and get some good deals, but they know what they are looking for .
  7. Bad spot, sandwiched between WGC and bay hill , sawgrass. The new schedule killed it.
  8. I have been saying the same for years after playing AP1 710s for about a decade. Gonna pull the trigger this year , I am a titleist guy. Will demo the T200 and 300 outside once the weather improves enough to be outside. Don’t want to get fit indoors, need to see the ball flight before I purchase.
  9. Peter Kostis interview on NLU podcast is worth the listen , says he caught Reed Cheating at least 4 times. Always thought it was curious when you would see him continually ground his club or clubs behind then ball when he has a dicey lie in the rough. Dudes a scumbag, can’t root for him.
  10. This is the content I (occasionally) stop by here for. Well done sir
  11. Going to Florida for a week Wednesday, I’ll send pics
  12. FWIW, Supports what some are seeing
  13. Portsmouth RI, 33.6 all liquid now, little under 2” final. Not gonna clean figure it should all be gone tomorrow here
  14. Portsmouth RI, light wet snow, 1.75” temps edging above freezing
  15. In Fall River, been moderate for about 30 minutes quickly coated eyeball about half inch