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  1. S&P

    2019 Golf Thread

    Sweet 3 balls on the green
  2. S&P

    Heavy heavy lawn thread 2019

    Think I’ve mown 8-9 times every 5 days , lilacs and red azaleas in bloom
  3. S&P

    2019 Golf Thread

    Think PGA is over, don’t see brooks falling apart, someone will have to go low to challenge him. been playing weekly though have had to move our league day around to get it in and avoid the rain. Hopefully we’ve turned the corner.
  4. S&P

    May 2019 Discussion

    Just getting around to posting these, last Sunday on the mass pike driving back from syracuse
  5. S&P

    Heavy heavy lawn thread 2019

    7-10 days
  6. S&P

    Spring 2019 New England Banter and Disco

    .It’s amazing what they’ll let some people get away with. 50plus years there and no problems with wild life in the bay, then it became an issue , so spend 600M to put up cooling towers. Then do away with coal fired power plants, shut it down and bull doze the whole thing. What do they care it’s not their $.
  7. S&P

    Spring 2019 New England Banter and Disco

    These bad boys coming down in an hour
  8. S&P

    2019 Golf Thread

    For those interested in getting a GHIN but not wanting to be a club member, you can do it through Swansea CC. There may be other clubs that do the same but I haven’t found any around here. You can do it all online. They offer RIGA or MAss golf. Even though I live in RI I got the MGA because it was cheaper and I just wanted a GHIN so I could play in tournaments.
  9. S&P

    Heavy heavy lawn thread 2019

    1st cut sunday
  10. S&P

    2019 Golf Thread

    I watch on DVR, so I avoid this thread until i catch up. Early start. Should be fun. Molinari is so steady think someone will need to go low to catch him.
  11. S&P

    April Discussion

    Never got out of 50s yesterday, damp , low clouds all day, broke into some sun late.
  12. S&P

    Heavy heavy lawn thread 2019

    If you use a pre-emergent like dimension, you won’t be able to seed in parallel. Need soil temps at least 50 for cool season grasses (eg fescues) before you seed. If / when you do seed use a starter fert. Definitely rake out the crap first.
  13. S&P

    2019 Golf Thread

    Played 1st local round Thursday. Wind was brutal. League starts in two weeks. Masters next week. 1st ever women’s (Am) event their today.
  14. S&P

    Heavy heavy lawn thread 2019

    1st application today
  15. S&P

    March 22-23 Storm Thread: Cabins and Pony-Os?

    Heavy coating Portsmouth RI, eyeballing maybe half an inch