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  1. FWIW, Supports what some are seeing
  2. Portsmouth RI, 33.6 all liquid now, little under 2” final. Not gonna clean figure it should all be gone tomorrow here
  3. Portsmouth RI, light wet snow, 1.75” temps edging above freezing
  4. In Fall River, been moderate for about 30 minutes quickly coated eyeball about half inch
  5. 1.75” total Portsmouth RI Final , stuck to everything but melted on asphalt, perfect
  6. 34/30 still fatties, grass coated, paved wet Portsmouth RI
  7. Portsmouth RI 37/29 visibility down big flakes but snow smelting on contact
  8. 37.8/37.5 .89” liquid from downpours earlier, Portsmouth RI , other than today approve of the last few days, been able to get lots done outside, great weather to run in.
  9. Some light snow / sleet to start @ 3 am, light zr now 30/30 Portsmouth RI , just a coating maybe .25” frozen
  10. Heavy, vis < 1M 31/28 , paved snow covered Middletown RI
  11. 31/30 moderate to heavy now, eyeballing 1” on grassy surfaces, paved slushy coating , Middletown RI
  12. Flipped to snow around 5am Portsmouth RI light to moderate, coating non Paved surfaces 32/30
  13. 19.4 here, aquidneck island RI, believe 1st morning in the teens.