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  1. ran AC last night, hopefully for the last time
  2. my son is there, he hasn't been impressed the last two winters
  3. nice spot, know a few kids who went there, some of them did PG year there, and it does so snow is SE MASS,
  4. .35" yesterday with .25 vis right now
  5. .25 mile vis this am, just dank, popped 2nd zone on quick last night for bedroom. sliding through the sheets rather than sticking to the sheets
  6. For me its about getting the humidity out of the house, not the temp. AC came on a few times a day over the weekend . With a high SEER system cost pennies a day to run. would rather not have to run it but we had high humidity levels with fog most of the weekend and the inside of the house wasn't gross. if it gets like that over this weekend will turn the AC back on.
  7. two day total of .36, just can't get any decent rains, dews still in the mid 60s
  8. Dews in the upper 60’s here this am. Another sweaty run , good stuff
  9. In, thks, was sunny&pleasant now S&P
  10. you can see a large break from second beach, is that it?
  11. knew a guy who got pulled off them fishing , never found him . wave action can get pretty good there.
  12. Ended up with .56 in my BY. Just missed out on over an 1" not too far away
  13. Thunder lightning in seekonk
  14. it was larger actually, a government wide request for volunteers from homeland security, guaranteed you your normal pay in exchange for a 45 day commitment
  15. .4" storm total ,backyard weather stations