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  1. Crazy how the course looked a couple of months ago, greened up fast with the overseed, although seemed like a lot of the bermuda still present with the warm weather.
  2. Bliss corner, just a couple of miles from me
  3. Earthquake in Portsmouth RI just now?
  4. Most melted on contact, last burst accumulated 1” still on cold surfaces. 33.5/32 was colder earlier Portsmouth RI
  5. 37 at UUU first 30s of the season, no frost yet though
  6. .05” yesterday, 1.17” today. Portsmouth RI
  7. .32” on Monday, .13” this evening, chipping away
  8. .25 round 1 Monday, .25 round 2 Tuesday, 0 yesterday. .5 total for the week.still dry here, but the half inch helped the green up
  9. I have been watering, so ground easily accepts any water, but my neighbors who haven’t been watering, started to green up in spots, but some have long term damage that will require reseeding
  10. .24” neighborhood stations, good start, some quick greening in spots
  11. Heavy fog dampeningthe ground this AM, AC running to get all the dampness out of the house 66.2/66.2 at UUU
  12. Can probably make some money off that now, what’s it trade for on secondary markets. Regardless their success at the Open , as I think a zinger pointed out, supports the notion that speed of the golf swing is a great indicator ofsuccess.
  13. Lawn yesterday, I’ve had to water , with no irrigation, what Little rain we had lately has helped. I thatched, raked and dropped some fert 3 weeks ago, had bounced back nicely.
  14. I admire your persistence !