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  1. Was in Newport this week for work. Although humid dews in the mid 70s just can’t compare to Florida where the heat humidity combo is special. Boy is it dry up there as well. Can’t remember seeing so many burnt out lawns and stressed landscape. At least in Fl the heat humidity combo yields daily TS.
  2. Gotta admit , didn’t think tiger would tee it up again @ the masters, much less anywhere else. Wonder if it’s schefler’s turn?
  3. I’m now 25 minutes from TPC, was ripping and now cold 32 at my place this morning, no wind. 5” of rain last few days, but they can deal with that kind of rain down here no problem
  4. Reynolds wolf getting the goods @ newport harbor on TWC
  5. Yes still return every for work and visit family, but I am a Floridian now, post pics , looking at RIDOT cams for Newport county but they are icing over
  6. Post lots of pics and vids guys (and gals). Little bummed, the only thing I miss is the rush of a big dog GLTA
  7. No more leaf raking, don’t miss it. Although the palms will drop ….
  8. Watching on DVR now, see if can hold the lead, home crowd fans always obnoxious for this, especially with no euro fans because of COVID travel limitations
  9. Lol yeah I was thinking based on the last few years I am only giving up about 12” in average snow fall
  10. Yes we already relocated , we are in St. John’s Florida
  11. So this is or was (as of tomorrow) my neighborhood. Our old house was cut off with this wash out. My house is behind one of the one you see looking up the hill. Not there to see the damage. My understanding is the road was mostly repaired by late afternoon
  12. UUU Been 30 sustained gusting between 40-48 the last two hours out of the E/ENE my house totally exposed the east so been a windy, noisy morning
  13. Still in Portsmouth RI , gusty Out of the NE, heavy rain earlier drizzle now
  14. National is a difficult track, don’t feel bad if you’re not sharp your misses are magnified. Was much harder before they changed a lot of the lost ball areas to red stakes.
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