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Fall Banter & General Discussion/Observations

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3 minutes ago, alex said:

Snow has intensified again. Nice wintry day, feels like January. Will try to get a ski run in later but not sure I can last long; it's miserable out there. Temp/dp 17/8

17F at MVL ASOS at 12pm (I still can't believe we are going to be in the teens all daylight hours today, that's nuts).

Light snow falling. 

Winter arrived with a punch.  


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5 hours ago, CoastalWx said:

Holy Sh*t. -12F at International Falls. Low was -13.

INL dropped to -13 yesterday (just before midnight)...old record was 0 in 1979. 

And, INL dropped to -14 this morning...old record was -6 in 1986. 


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1 minute ago, dendrite said:

Down to 25F. Not bad for a downslope. CON record low for tomorrow is 9F...today's is 10F. MOS says there's a shot to break that late, but I think it's safe.

Last time CON was at or below our forecast low for tonight was 1/7. Enjoy!

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12 minutes ago, Lava Rock said:

23.9F and dropping quick. Definitely a woodstove night.

23.5F and out with the birds. It’s brutal. I feel for them. They’re not adjusted to this yet and half are molting 

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22.3F.  Few snow squalls this AM with the front that left a very slight dusting.  Still some snow in the shade.  Curious to see if I get into the single numbers.  Usually do pretty good with windy conditions. 

My small pond is ice free.  Wonder if it will freeze over tonight.  Pretty shallow right now so it will not take much..

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