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Winter 2016-2017 OBS

Carvers Gap

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Just trying to update some things.  I say we try some seasonal observation threads if nobody objects.  It will create a way to file things instead of sifting through a big thread.  I have 41 degrees here in Kingsport which began with a morning of heavy fog enhanced by the local paper plant.  It was clear today with some 10-15 mph wind gusts around noon.  Felt a lot like Fall.  I feel like this drought has robbed us of a normal Fall.  The North Fork of the Holston had revealed rocks during these dry times that I cannot remember ever seeing.  This morning all of those rocks were gone, covered by the waters from this week's welcome rains.   When I did the leaves today, it was the first time I had not been covered in dust for months.  I kept thinking about all of those folks displaced by the fire in Gatlinburg and about the families who lost loved ones.  I also thought about Dolly Parton and how she stepped up to the plate when this region needed her.  I thought about how my yard had some green in it for the first time in a long time.  This drought has been more than a nuisance.  It created the worst fire season I can remember or that my dad can remember.  I hope we are about to put that fire season in the rear view mirror and that we can keep making a dent in the drought.  

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I know it was the worst drought I can remember. Northeast Tennessee and SW Virginia lucked out in that the worst of it didn't take hold until after the growing season. But as far as the highlands and forested regions, they became a massive tinderbox. I don't want to imagine how awful things would have got without the pattern shift.

Fortunately, another strong dip in the jetstream with strong sub-tropical low-level instability out of the Eastern Pacific, Central American and the GOM should crank up round two for heavy precipitation early next week. Another 2-4 inches through Wed/Thur will rebound at least some of the water table, streams and rivers. After that, it looks like our first real significant Arctic blast of deep cold for the meteorological winter.

Perhaps even a chance of a clipper or two for snow during that stretch?

As for OBS, we reached 56°F this afternoon at the house in Sullivan. 35° now and headed for a thick frost and mid-to-upper 20s over night. Very Fall like temps for sure. Some actual normalcy before a brief warmup Monday into Tuesday with the big southerly flow cranking ahead of the strong front. Though I see the forecast really doesn't get out of the upper 50s on Tuesday. I bet some 60s make it up into the Northeastern Valley before the bottom falls out.

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10 hours ago, jaxjagman said:

No objections here,It's much easier to look back like you said.Can't believe we even had the same OBS on going since 2014 anyways.

Got to be honest...that gave me pause.  I am big on tradition.  If we don't like this set-up, we can always merge the threads under the old title.  Man, feels like winter today.  Car thermometer read 41 at 10:30AM. 

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Because it ALWAYS finds a way to squirt snow in and around Unicoi in northeast TN.  Just a novelty, but nice to see.  Visibility was probably around 1.5 -2 miles.



This is how it looked near ETSU on my way into the office. Token flakes, but nice nonetheless!

ETA: nice snow shower is rolling through North JC rn. Briefly made the office parking lot slick.

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Wow guys, I don't know what happened overnight, but apparently some band of snow set up here at the house. There's between a quarter and a half inch of snow on the picnic table and the ground and rooftops are white! Anybody else waking up with this. Picture at first light. 

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Ok guys here is a picture from the backyard. I read the AFD from MRX earlier and see that there was areas of light snow and flurries. I guess I must have been under a heavier snow shower. Man, I'm kinda bummed out that I missed it, but this is always fun waking up to a surprise too. First legit snow of the year. 


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