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SNE GTG - Rite of Spring.

Cold Miser

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I'm just going to throw the date of April 5th out there to our brains thinking about it.  With the exception of a few times, I know that Worcester has been the go to place for the past few years, mainly due to the central location. Let's give serious consideration to other locations if it means getting more folks to show up - Maybe somewhere within the Boston metro, 495 (partial) loop...Hartford, CT... Stamford, CT...Providence, R.I...Springfield, etc...or just stick with Worcester.

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Scooter ..what you wouldn't do to Keesha.. i mean Good Lord

lol. She is not always that fit.  She's usually pretty sloppy and out of shape. 


Also, when you have some free time, type "Kesha dj stolen" into google image search.  Look specifically at the images of her stomach and the helpful keyed out areas, and what has already been done to her.  I'm pretty sure Scott, and most of us would be all set with that skank.

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