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  1. 36" now just N of Minot.
  2. Insane temp gradient right on the Sound. Huntington Bay is at 56 but a mile or two away in Centerport is 76.
  3. Happens all the time in places like Long Beach. It finally warms up this time of year after the cold front passes and winds come from the land. So there it’s actually a warm front.
  4. We’re nowhere near the back door for once. It’s well NE around the MA/CT border.
  5. Eatons Neck at 53. Ouch.
  6. 77 here-summer like. Stuck at 57 just a few miles away on the Sound and also at Captree.
  7. Yep, 70 now. Gorgeous here.
  8. Brutal up there now and in MT where lows will be in the single digits. As wintry there in mid April as it ever gets here. Always fascinating to be in a blizzard especially a historic one like this in the region. They usually get 4-8” type storms not 2 feet. The drifting there must be absolutely insane. The heaviest amounts will probably be near Minot which is under the pivoting upper low.
  9. 68 right now. Overperformer on temps at least here on the north shore. South shore looks stuck in the 50s.
  10. Looks like ND got NAM’d to an extent and had the heavy snow too far north. They’re in for a huge event across 80% of the state. Jealous. Very rare for them to get the kind of snow in one storm we get.
  11. Big ND snow upcoming. Some places there likely 24". Bismarck has a tough forecast, riding the rain/snow/dryslot line. We'd be on pins and needles if we lived there. Delayed but not denied for ND, looks like mostly below average for snow this season. Bismarck has about as much as ISP this winter but they average 45" or so.
  12. Possible if the seabreeze can be held off. You really need the west/NW wind this time of year for any warmth at the coast. Today was great here for once with temps in the mid 60s.
  13. With the trough hanging strong east of here/the Maritimes it’s more likely than not we have a back door front at least nearby. They always seem to be more sweeping than advertised 4-5 days out as well.
  14. What’s more likely is our climate becomes like the coastal Carolinas. You don’t hear about Charleston SC hitting 100 very often but they’re in the low to mid 90s all the time with atrocious humidity. We’re already at the point especially in August where the sea breeze doesn’t cool things down much, it just increases the humidity. We’re also at a longer term raised hurricane risk if the waters will keep warming up and the mean ridge position keeps coming north. It’ll mean a southerly flow into our area instead of the usual recurves out to sea. We’re seeing the overshooting heat waves into ME/Ontario already. It’s counterintuitive but when we’re hot with westerly winds, the waters cool down due to upwelling. Southerly onshore winds help the coastal waters warm up faster.
  15. I wouldn’t say the storm last night was a bust. The heavy rain was always favored to be north and west of the city on the models. The first storm was somewhat of a bust. It dried up on the northern edge. You could say that NYC/LI were shafted relatively for both storms.
  16. Guess we’ll see. Models are overwhelmingly favoring NW areas for most of the rain.
  17. I know it’s OT but Sandy was a 946mb storm when it struck ACY and we were in the right front quadrant. It’s the worst storm that many of us will see in our lifetimes. It was a Cat 3 intensity storm but spread over a huge area so the top winds were reduced, but the surge stayed huge.
  18. Not even. It would be a nice event but we’d be mad that the northern edge where we are is drying up and the heavy snow would be in S NJ. For liquid most of us in NYC/LI are about half an inch which would be maybe 6” or so with ratios. N of the city practically nothing. S NJ would be way better since ACY has nearly 2” from this. This storm fits the progressive winter pattern where we get a squashed fast mover.
  19. Depends on how far the storm over the weekend can clear east of us. If it gets stuck over the Maritimes and heights stay low there, good chance there will be a backdoor front nearby. It'll encourage a high to develop NE of Maine and easterly flow. If it heads east and there's no blocking, we'll get the nice westerly flow for a day or two. Looks short lived unfortunately.
  20. Yep, got much wetter. Good news for the drought.
  21. Yeah, garbage. Hopefully we can get the tropics to reshuffle to stop this never ending Nina or Nina like outcome. Big part of it seems to be how the W PAC has warmed so much.
  22. So annoying how this keeps popping up in April now. Does us diddly squat.
  23. Going with 31.5” final snow for the season here. Overall just about average. Shame that the 1/29 storm couldn’t have been just a little better developed and spread heavier snow back into the city.
  24. Glad this is after it would be a snow event. Next storm tomorrow night is trending to how others did this winter into a shredded suppressed mess. Hopefully it can be salvageable for places SW of here now in a drought.
  25. Not to drag it too off topic but the good news somewhat is that the Colorado River source region in CO did well precip-wise which will head downstream towards AZ. Long term though the West is in a world of hurt without major changes. This perma-Nina needs to end. CA did very well in December but it wasn't enough to really dent the drought since it dried right back up in Jan.
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