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  1. Hopefully we can get the ridging to the east of us somewhat. That EPS look screams back door fronts when it does get mild.
  2. If there’s a rumble of thunder that makes it east of NYC consider that a big win this time of year.
  3. What’s probably helping are the increasing water temps up here in the summer that are slow to cool down. We also had the tornado outbreak in the fall across Long Island. Warmer waters equal more instability.
  4. Not sure what the reason is for the constant blocking patterns late in March and into spring the last several seasons but hopefully we can get it to end and have the blocking a month earlier when it can be useful for snow. Amazing how constant these patterns are every year along with the seeming perma-Nina.
  5. Hysterical. I know exactly where that is too on campus, went to school there 2005-09. It’s downright nasty there this afternoon with the snow squalls, 30mph gusts and temps not budging out of the low 20s.
  6. High of 32 here so far, looks like that’ll be it since we’re decreasing again. Hopefully some squalls today.
  7. Got down to 22 this morning.
  8. Round Rock tornado was EF2, 135mph top winds so borderline EF3. That was the one on national news that flipped the truck over. Looks like in total there was 1 EF1 (in Jarrell) and 3 EF2s. Impressive for that area. Incredibly no one was killed, miraculous really knowing how densely populated Round Rock is just north of Austin and that it was near rush hour.
  9. They've mostly had a lousy to awful snow season. Syracuse has about half its yearly average. Buffalo is about average, Rochester is below average. Not that unusual for them to still be getting snow in late March.
  10. Flash of lightning and rumble of thunder. Heavy rain currently.
  11. It’s like clockwork the last few springs.
  12. Lots of plants/flowers blooming from the early warmth, may be in trouble.
  13. We seem to be entering a long term summer trend here in the Northeast that favors higher humidity over higher heat, at least extreme heat. The ridge over the summer is becoming steeper and centered further north over the last few summers, which results in the strongest heat overshooting this area to hit southern Canada and Maine. We have more of a southerly onshore flow that brings humidity in, not the westerly flow that drives temps up. Bluewave will have better stats but there has been a marked increase in 75 or higher dewpoint days over the last 5 summers or so. We’re becoming much more Florida like here. The downside to that has been the warming oceans that make us more susceptible to tropical systems and the tendency to have them steered toward us on the southerly flow rather than out to sea like usual.
  14. Wow, that's gonna be a kick in the teeth regardless of any snow.
  15. Long Beach again immediately on the shore got almost a foot of cement from that. Where I live now (granted a good bit more favored for late season snow) had 18".
  16. Can’t speak to Central Park but in April 2003 and April 2018 right on the south shore where I lived at the time there was 6” each. It’s rare but doable.
  17. Pretty intense tornado outbreak yesterday in the Austin TX area. Not quite around where I used to live on the SW side of town, but some heavily populated areas north of town (Round Rock which wasn’t tornado warned apparently as it went across I-35) and east (Elgin). Downtown dodged a bullet thankfully, it looked hairy for a while. The Jarrell 1997 outbreak was the last really destructive one around Austin. Several other intense tornadoes hit the area besides the huge Jarrell one, which would’ve been catastrophic had it hit 30 miles south of Jarrell. That’s the first outlying town in the northern suburban Austin county (Williamson County).
  18. Seems to be like clockwork that we have this garbage big -NAO in late March now that’s only good for locking in raw easterly winds or useless cold.
  19. 70 here. Long Beach 52, Captree 48. Today’s definitely a reason I moved here from the south shore.
  20. Gorgeous up here today, temp 64. Yep, glad I’m not on the south shore. Many more days like that to come unfortunately as the water temps creep back up.
  21. 67 degrees. Can definitely get used to this. 45 though at Captree
  22. At this point I don't want it. Bring on the torch.
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