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  1. Models have been mostly focused on two bands of heavier precip with this event. One over eastern PA and the other over at least parts of LI and CT. I am up to 0.37 on the day with the former. 12z Euro looks good for LI and CT with the later.
  2. The disturbance that will feed into this feature is moving up along the VA/MD coast currently. Interesting to watch the radar and watch this all evolve.
  3. Rain starting to break out across parts of the area. I have recorded 0.23” at my station at Cherry Grove with the showers moving up from the south from off of the ocean.
  4. Are you able to get a news media app that will tell you that it will rain or snow or thunder in X minutes and that it will last for () minutes? I get that from the NBC station in Philadelphia and it is a great feature.
  5. Storm total since 10/1 up to 2.63”. 1.94” of that has fallen today.
  6. 0.06” here today with light rain and drizzle since about midday. Big gradient in rain totals to my south especially between Quakertown and Doylestown. Amounts near the Doylestown area over 2”.
  7. 1.10” at my station on Fire Island at Cherry Grove.
  8. Placida Boat Ramp in Cape Haze measures a recent gust to 82 mph. The highest gust in the 4 pm hour was 92 mph as the northwest eyewall crosses the area.
  9. Recent gust at this station to 65 mph as the northwest eyewall moves in.
  10. 28.19 in HG at Placida Boat ramp near Cape Haze (Davis network).
  11. I was posting that data earlier.
  12. Barometric pressure at this station now down to 28.58 in HG
  13. Looks like the wind sensor at this station has been knocked out. Barometric pressure at the station is 28.75 in HG
  14. Most recent gust at this station up to 97 mph.
  15. This station has just reported a wind gust to 91 mph.
  16. Most recent report from this station shows a wind gust to 85 mph. It is located just north of Sanibel and is in the edge of the eastern eyewall.
  17. Recent gust at this location up to 81 mph within the last 10 minutes.
  18. That has to be at least 4 feet of water in that location.
  19. Recent gust to 63 mph at St. James City (Davis network).
  20. From post on FB by Sandy Delgado at the NHC.
  21. Cuban Weather Radar http://www.insmet.cu/asp/genesis.asp?TB0=PLANTILLAS&TB1=RADAR&TB2=../Radar/02IJuventud/pdeMAXw01a.gif
  22. Euro 06z at 84 hours Euro 12z at 78 hours
  23. CMC is west with an Apalachicola landfall at 102 hours.
  24. Andrew hit south Florida in August 1992. I took a vacation down there in April 1993. I drove around the Homestead area and the area where the Turkey Pt. Nuclear plant is situated. Every tree along SW 344th street was ripped out of the ground and pointed east. Every home in the area was either leveled or badly damaged. The east coast of Florida dodged a serious bullet when that well timed trough approached and steered Dorian to the north. I would not wish a Cat 5 landfall on anyone.
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