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  1. Mt. Holly is placing more weight on the IVT. They referenced this in their AFD and it reflects on this map. Upton has a different take on that.
  2. Euro is going all in with the IVT. The other models are more focused on the synoptic scale snows which would favor NE.
  3. How did your snow pack hold up today?
  4. Odds are this will be the best run those of us in the NYC region (except to the north) will see tonight if the globals continue their recent trends.
  5. 0z NAM has dropped a big time weenie run for most except along the coast.
  6. Precip has let up out here. Snow level in my area looks to be about 700’. A lot of reports on Social Media speaking of accums up to 2” in those elevated locations.
  7. Flipped to snow here. 33•
  8. Rain mixed with snow here. 34.5
  9. Your place is pretty high up - I think well over 1000’. Snow is coming down pretty good at Mt. Pocono and they are at about 1800’ and they have at least as much as you.
  10. Snow levels out by you are fairly similar. The expectation is that they will drop slowly through the overnight especially near and north of I80. If this plays out areas closer to the coast will see snow starting to mix in towards the morning.
  11. Snow levels out in the Poconos near Stroudsburg look to be about 800 - 900 feet currently. Not sure what they are at in NW NJ.
  12. 9” with that one out in Sayville. I was living there at the time.
  13. You will only be seeing 10:1 ratios if you are in a location where banding sets up. Otherwise these just are entertaining digital artwork.
  14. With this mild antecedent air mass in place anyone expecting 10:1 ratios with this event is going to be disappointed.
  15. As I noted in my other post there is light snow starting to fall in many places across northeastern PA. It is not sticking anywhere that I looked.
  16. Light snow breaking out currently across northeastern Pennsylvania especially in the higher elevations.
  17. Light snow falling in the Harrisburg area with this system coming in from the west.
  18. With BL temps in the mid 30s on Saturday in the daytime hours a lot of this is not going to stick.
  19. I just woke up, looked outside and then saw that. I thought to myself WTF this is beyond insane. It’s looks like something the GFS would dream up.
  20. Snow is pretty much done here. 1.5” new.
  21. Heavy snow is now falling across much of northern and northeastern Pennsylvania as currently shown on radar. Near whiteout conditions in some places along I80. 37/31 with cloudy skies here.
  22. Mixed light rain and sleet. 43/26.
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