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  1. Is there a technical explanation for this phenomenon? This is the first time I have heard of this.
  2. We have some nice showers popping along the front in the area between my location and roughly along I78 back to Harrisburg. So far 0.30” on the day.
  3. Received 0.93” for the day from the slow moving band of rain.
  4. Two tornado warned storms along the north shore of Lake Ontario near Belleville, ON as shown on Reed Timmer’s FB page.
  5. Looks like some big hailers across NE Ohio and NW PA at this time.
  6. Much of central and northern New York (west of the Adirondacks) also under a tornado watch.
  7. Much of central and NE Pennsylvania under a tornado watch now with the exception of the Mt. Holly CWA.
  8. I had 0.95” with the worst conditions around 8:00 AM. Nonstop lightning and thunder for 2 hours here.
  9. Spectacular convection event underway out here. My Tempest has recorded over 3100 lightning strikes in the past 3 hours with many CTG strikes.
  10. 0.81” in the rain gauge since yesterday evening. Looks like another potentially active day today.
  11. BDCF continues its movement to the west especially along the CT shoreline with temps in the mid to upper 60s as far west as the Branford area. Meanwhile it seems like it is getting hung up some near the Riverhead area. Temps along the north shore from about PJ almost to Mattituck are still in the upper 80s and low 90s. You don’t see that type of distribution too often.
  12. Interesting look to that radar with the BDCF moving west through the twin forks and the SB front roughly along Sunrise and the Southern State. Note the inverted Z appearance with the BDCF making faster progress along the Southern CT shoreline and it being held back some as it tries to move into interior SE CT. A lot of interesting mesoscale stuff going on in the local area today.
  13. Now up to 500 lightning strikes within 30 miles of my location in the past 3 hours.
  14. Looks like a hail core with the cell just north of Reading.
  15. Big uptick in lightning strikes in the past 15 minutes in my area.
  16. Steady rain so far with this one.
  17. 35 lightning strikes in near me in the past hour according to my Tempest.
  18. What is amazing about this one is the threat did not come into focus until yesterday evening. As of yesterday afternoon today was supposed to be partly sunny and warm where I live. Certainly no expectation of potential heavy rain or a tornado watch.
  19. They are heading eastbound. They won’t even extend as far north as my location.
  20. Convection is still trying to fire to my west. So far my Tempest has recorded one lightning strike. This event has been a whiff out here.
  21. Tornado warning- Delaware County, NY
  22. The school district people are being proactive about this. If you analyze the potential risks that are being accounted for when schools are closed for a winter storm and compare those to the risks that a severe weather situation can bring to the table I think it is actually a fairly easy decision. The fact that the school districts now have the remote learning piece in place seals the deal.
  23. If you want to see what a tornado can do take a ride down to Fort Washington PA. Get off at the exit from I276 for Rte 309. Take a ride up Fort Washington Ave and then up Limekiln Pike. This tornado happened last summer however there is still plenty left to see. Homes with tarps still on their roofs, damage to a school, many large trees snapped in half about 20 to 30 feet off of the ground. There are actually more tornado damage paths then I can count in that region. We are living in a new climate regime and the old idea that tornadoes are just a mid western thing has been completely blown away.
  24. Check out the post just before your’s. Do you recall seeing a map like that for this region? The atmosphere is quite juiced today so this is actually a good call IMO.
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