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  1. You’re not kidding. I am seeing lightning strikes being registered on my Tempest station as this latest batch comes through.
  2. I am hearing this unearthly roar in the sky with these winds.
  3. Recent gust to 35 mph at my inland location with this feature. I suspect you who are in the NYC area will really see your winds crank as this feature comes through.
  4. Mt. Holly has issued a special weather statement for a wake low which is producing strong winds to 40 - 50 mph across eastern PA and northern NJ. This is going to be incoming for you in the NYC area. Special Weather Statement National Weather Service Mount Holly NJ 1238 PM EDT Wed Apr 3 2024 NJZ001-007>009-PAZ054-055-060>062-101-103-105-031745- Sussex-Warren-Morris-Hunterdon-Carbon-Monroe-Berks-Lehigh- Northampton-Western Chester-Western Montgomery-Upper Bucks- Including the cities of Newton, Washington, Morristown, Flemington, Jim Thorpe, Stroudsburg, Reading, Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Honey Brook, Oxford, Collegeville, Pottstown, Chalfont, and Perkasie 1238 PM EDT Wed Apr 3 2024 ...Strong Wind Gusts with a Passing Wake Low Early this Afternoon... Isolated strong easterly wind gusts near 40 to 50 mph have developed on the back side of the ending heavy rainfall early this afternoon. This is in response to a wake low passing across the area. These wind gusts may result in some isolated instances of tree damage or power outages. Use caution and take shelter indoors if sudden strong wind gusts develop in your area. $$ Staarmann
  5. I have had 25” for this season so it’s a C+ for me. Been a tough season for a lot of places.
  6. It’s amazing how that area has been so screwed the past couple of winters. Many 10:1 model runs calling for 6”+ for the Boston area for this event and now it looks like mainly sleet / rain unless you’re near the NH border.
  7. These winds are already happening. I recently recorded a gust to 42 mph at my station at Cherry Grove. A nearby station has recently recorded a gust to 50 mph. I have no doubt that there will be gusts over 60 mph along the barrier beaches and would not rule out gusts to near hurricane force with this event.
  8. Raining steadily here this morning. 0.14” so far.
  9. Storm total at 1.65” for the event on Fire Island.
  10. 1.48” on the day at my station on Fire Island.
  11. Gust to 32 mph at my remote station at Cherry Grove on Fire Island at 4:45 PM with the line. A nearby station gusted to 42 mph at that time.
  12. Rain is done here - 2.06”
  13. Pouring here. 39 with a storm total of 1.87” so far.
  14. I looked at these cams again and did not see any further indications of mixing. Mid levels are warm but with the UVVs down there I couldn’t rule it out. Probably transient unless my eyes were playing tricks on me.
  15. Look at the traffic cameras along Rte 422 and I 76 NW of Philly under the heavy echos. It’s only around 40 in those areas. 511pa.com
  16. Pouring here. 37 with 1.05” so far with the event.
  17. There is wet snow mixed with the rain under those heavy echoes NW of Philadelphia.
  18. Real variable weather around today. I had rain mixed with snow this morning however with temps up into the 40s just some rain showers now. Up in the Poconos this afternoon near MPO there have been snow squalls with a fresh inch of snow on the ground currently. You have to be up over 1600’ to see that.
  19. A lot of damage to trees and shrubs out this way as well.
  20. I took a quick drive to check out the gradient in snow amounts associated with the death band that set up just to my south. As a point of information I am located in Bethlehem Twp, PA and am situated between Route 22 and I78. I received 4.5” here. I drove 5 miles south towards I78. I am going with estimates based upon amounts observed on car tops and roofs. In the first 5 miles the amounts went from 4.5” to about 6” as I approached Hellertown, PA. A spotter reported 11.2” there. In the next 2 miles as I drove into Hellertown and under I78 the amounts rapidly increased from 6-10”. Most of Hellertown looks to have in the neighborhood of 10-12” with the highest amounts on the south side of town. This gradient really was like a LES band. Very interesting event to follow.
  21. Up to 4.5”. Still getting some light snow and flurries. There is actually a good bit of this activity still going on in my region and fairly far to the north and west. It’s too light to see for the most part on radar but is visible on traffic cams.
  22. Models did have the band. They were not able to resolve the very high rates and amounts for those under the most intense part of it. FWIW this banding feature was visible on radar out in the Midwest yesterday. I even commented yesterday evening that it looked like most of the snow with the event would occur at those locations in the band and that it would be near I78 as per the models. It looks like the band actually set up just a bit south of I78. Congrats to those who were in the JP zone.
  23. Moderate snow currently as the event winds down. 4” storm total. 29/28
  24. Heavy snow with 1/4 mile visibility. 3” new OTG. The deathband set up a few miles south of me. 29/28.
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