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  1. Lightning with the approaching squall line.
  2. Back to tonight’s threat the squall line is a few minutes away now and there is plenty of lightning associated with it. I have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect at my location as it trucks on to the east.
  3. The argument made by the Met from State College strikes me as being lame. Six people dead and millions of dollars of property damage. But the snow squall was short lived so no warning was necessary - really? Many tornadoes are short lived however warnings are issued once rotation is detected in the atmosphere. How many of those warnings verify? I don’t disagree with the issuance of tornado warnings under these circumstances BTW. In any case there is definitely a problem with how this threat was addressed (or not) by all parties involved.
  4. There was no snow squall warning in effect for Schuylkill Cty at the time of the terrible multiple vehicle crash on I81 on Monday morning. Due to the distance between the radar stations situated in this region weather radars cannot see below 9000 feet in that location. The squall was low topped so it was underneath the radar beam. A similar scenario played out in February in that area of PA. I was out in the Scranton region on that day (I drove south on I81 and then onto I476 to the south of there. Elevations range up 2000 ft in that vicinity. The roads had been brined or were dry. Temperatures ranged from 21 to 25 depending on altitude. Penndot had signage posted on the electronic equipment about the potential snow squall hazard. I encountered snow flurries and showers on my drive. This squall that caused the accident was apparently in a narrow streamer that reached SE down to the Philadelphia area. This has been a recurring problem in east central PA and I hope they decide to increase radar coverage in that area.
  5. There is a snow squall about 30 miles west of Allentown currently. Visibility of about 1/2 mile associated with this feature as it moves east. There is also a nasty snow squall along I84 to the east of Scranton. If you are up in NW NJ or Orange Cty keep an eye out for this one. Visibility of less than 1/4 mile associated with it.
  6. Mt. Holly issues a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for parts of eastern and NE PA for the incoming squall line. If you are in western or NW NJ or adjacent NY keep an eye on this one.
  7. This feature is weakening as it moves east. There are a few brief bursts of moderate snow however much of it is just flurries. It is accompanied by strong winds.
  8. There are some very potent snow squalls in the Harrisburg area right now. There are some very low visibility’s associated with these. On radar at least this activity is slowly translating to the east. If anyone reading this is going to be traveling west into PA and west of Allentown I 78 is closed due to accidents at Hamburg.
  9. There are actually some good bursts of snow in the Harrisburg area right now. The latest run of the HRRR is not too bullish on that area of snow translating to the east with much potency.
  10. It really has been booking off to the east as of late. Conversely the back edge of the snow is moving to the NE across VA at about 60 mph. This storm is a fast mover.
  11. Actually for the time being it does not appear that the changeover line is proceeding any further east (as seen on traffic cams). It still runs from about Jugtown Mtn along I78 to the area where 206 connects with I80.
  12. Steady snow / 34 degrees. Already sticking to non paved surfaces. This was a direct flip from rain to snow with barely any sleet. The HRRR had the changeover from yesterday at 8:00 AM today and was spot on.
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