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  1. Precip along I80 between the Williamsport and Hazleton areas is currently reaching the ground as some light rain. That area will change over a little later as the more intense precip/ rates starts to move out of NW PA.
  2. This event is going to be focused on a relatively small part of the forum mostly between I80 and Route 22. Will be interesting to see who JPs in that area. Mt. Holly has just issued WWA’s for Warren and Hunterdon Cty’s in NJ in addition to adjacent areas in NE PA. I have not had to use my snow blower for two years. I am hoping that I won’t have to use it tonight so we’ll see how that works out.
  3. Back to tonight’s event. In spite of what is being shown on precip type radar right now much of what is falling in south central PA is wet snow or a mix of rain and wet snow. It is not sticking in most places out there currently. However as the sun angle piece diminishes over the next hour or two that will change as this precip moves towards the north and east. This evening is looking to be more interesting at least for some of us if this holds.
  4. Current conditions out here.
  5. Moderate to heavy snow now coming down in the Allentown area on west along I78 towards Hamburg. Visibilities have really dropped in that area.
  6. Steady snow and sleet falling here.
  7. You’re going to be in a good spot with this event. By the time the precip reaches your area the atmosphere will be cold enough so most of it can fall as snow.
  8. That precip is actually falling as a mix of rain and sleet in that area.
  9. As the first wave of precip comes through the area pay attention to the dew points. Mine went from 18 to 31 as that band of light precip came through.
  10. I have a mix of light rain and snow falling here. 40/23.
  11. I think the place to be for this event will in NY north of the Cuomo bridge and into CT. I am looking at the 18z NAM and I think the amounts shown on the snowfall depth chart would be the ones to go with. Anyone who is looking at 10:1 clown maps for snow fall amounts is going to be disappointed. I just looked at a bunch of traffic cams out in western PA and every where I looked precip was not reaching the ground or was light rain (including elevated locations). Wet bulbing will promote the changeover north of the city but elsewhere it will be mainly white rain (or a mix) and struggle to accumulate.
  12. In NE PA you have to be roughly north and east of a line from Marshall’s Creek to Mt. Pocono to Wilkes Barre to be seeing steady light snow. Places to the south and west of there are just mainly cloudy with some flurries in the air. This lines up fairly well with the earlier projections from the models.
  13. 06z GFS has me down for nearly 30” over its run. I have earthworms all over my driveway this morning (In February?!). I’m inclined to sell the GFS and take the worms on this one.
  14. I came across this discussion of the Synoptics relating to the Blizzard of 96. It provides a nice overview of the storm and contrasts it to other storms with similar impacts across the area. https://youtu.be/LdFl9ON-tY4
  15. Crazy day weather wise in the Mid-Atlantic yesterday. I was on the east side of Baltimore yesterday afternoon and encountered a severe thunderstorm. Crazy CTG lightning with it. Later on when I was up near Reading, PA I encountered the precursor to the storm that later dropped the tornado in NJ. Experienced heavy rain with wet snow flakes mixed in with it.
  16. There are gale warnings posted for the near shore waters with storm warnings for the offshore waters. Winds at stations that I follow on WU (including my own) are gusting from 40 - 60 mph along Fire Island currently. I believe that the gale warnings cover this.
  17. Light rain/snow mix has turned over to light snow. 32*
  18. I can’t speak for that area so I don’t know if that is true. Apparently some channelized vorticity combined with a weakening lake effect streamer managed to make it this far east. Mount Holly had us at a 20% chance last night.
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