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  1. I don't know, but those back side bands love to do that as these systems pull away.
  2. Just checked the radar for fun and there’s a surprise snow band rolling SE toward upper East TN
  3. Another way would be to magically make EPS member 4 happen:
  4. EPS likes some of those windows too, so the OP is def. not on an island: Also thought I'd check on the strat this PM since I hadn't in a bit. Still looks like a hurricane:
  5. Kind of wish I had called this the "Revenge of the often crapped on models" storm. NAM whipped Euro, but then HRRR and RAP did a better job, in some ways with the mixing problems.
  6. Euro throwing out an interesting pattern from day 5 on:
  7. Maybe the HRRR and RAP just see more of the frontogenesis that the NAM is showing to a lesser extent as the day wears on?
  8. At the very end of the loop its almost like there is a faint lurch with the system to try and send some more moisture at E TN, but I could also just be seeing things:
  9. yeah, even starting to get some of the bigger flakes mixed in again here. I'm just not sure what on earth it's seeing to make rates jump like that. Would be awesome though!
  10. Random thought this AM. What if the SPV holds on so long this year that when it finally breaks down, it disrupts the bad NAO cycle we've been in for so long?
  11. HRRR and RAP seem to think rates will jump pretty dramatically: Not really sure what the HRRR is smoking, but would be nice to get under those 30 dbz returns for a few more hours.
  12. Strange gap in the snowfall as I was driving back. Oak Ridge was on its way to what I have here, but Oliver Springs had almost 0.
  13. Light to moderate snow here in southern Morgan county. probably 0.5"
  14. I'd say about 10 minutes and it will be ripping here in Oak Ridge. Big flakes mixing in.
  15. Got some good returns heading our way from middle TN now, SE of Nashville:
  16. Can’t post a pic right now but driving over the ridges into Oak Ridge from Morgan County I could see the snow falling and evaporating on the 3000 foot peaks just north of Oliver Springs. It really did have the look of evaporation eating op the precip and not melting. I guess this mid/ low level dry air means business. The snow was making it about 2/3 of the way down the mts.
  17. I agree. I'm right at 1300 feet and almost every hill I crossed heading north on HWY 27 that put me up even 200 ft there was a temp drop and snow.
  18. It's got to be getting close. The CC shows just a tiny circle around the radar site now:
  19. I think we just gotta get some good precip rates to finally make the transition.
  20. Hit some snow just north of Wartburg, but still rain here in Mossy Grove. Precip also got pretty light the further north I got.