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  1. An outstanding 48° in the Triad this morning. Summer has exited stage left. Spiders and mosquitoes are next! Edit - now 46°!
  2. It wont go away! Simply amazing that we continue to creep towards the 80° mark in the triad again this week. Hoping the midweek cool down is the final nail in the coffin for the summer. Finally seeing a an overnight 30s coming up at the farm in Stuart later this week. Right at .40" this weekend with a lot of drizzle on top of that. One more round would be a huge help with the lawn seeding.
  3. Found the heavy rain down here in Jax FL. Hours and hours of heavy rain coming in from the coast. Would be nice to see it ride up thru the Carolinas.
  4. 68° on the farm in Stuart already. The cold train is a runaway on the southbound tracks!
  5. Here she comes boys. 66° now in Cincinnati. 12 hours and its a whole new ballgame.
  6. It's coming. 60s starting to creep down the spine of the Apps and general 70s filtering down thru WV, KY and NoVa. 5 hours till the sun goes down and then the party begins.
  7. 95° in the triad now. Temp just shot right up after 12:30 or so. Impressive yet unfortunate. Much cooler temps hanging back from OK to MI now. Waiting for the kick tonight. Saturday will be an early Christmas present and sanity saver for most here.
  8. Exactly. If this was July with direct sun you would have a 100+° day in the Triad with indexes in the teens. We should be tracking the cold front tonight like a January Big Dog from 24 hours out.
  9. There is something so very wrong with this 86° at 11am. It doesn't even feel like a July heat. The sun angle is wonky, the hot is a different kind of hot. Don't know what it is. It's like there is a radiant furnace in front of your face instead of a humid, oppressive sun burning kinda hot. Then again I may be delusional from heat exhaustion. I hope this cold front rides in on a chariot with trumpets from the heavens.
  10. Morning in the low 70s in Oct.....Ugh! Highs in the mid 90s....ugh! Still bone dry....Ugh! Friday better be the beginning of the end of this crappy summer because my 100lbs of grass seed depends on it. I either get the rain now or I'll be watching that new PBS special called "Growing amazing weed lawns with JBurns".
  11. I was up on top of Pilot yesterday and across the VA line at my farm and both places have massive piles of brown leaves on the deck already. Even my 40' tall tulip poplar here in the triad is 90% bare. No color at all. So I agree that anywhere outside the mountains is likely to miss out on the color, but not the crunch. Wear those dustmasks sucking up those leaves!
  12. I'll take 70s and 50s year round with the occasional 4" snow mixed in. Fine by me.
  13. The lightning show around Winston and GSO last night was truly impressive. My room looked like there was a strobe light in it. Just missed on the bigger rain to the south. But at least it was wet this morning.
  14. I dont see how it cannot cool down. Shorter days quickly limiting heating, sun angle getting lower to reduce efficiency of heating, and there's going to be 4 feet of snow on the ground along the Canadian border! Look at the bright side, if this keeps up we may be on the firing line for some epic winter storm tracks!
  15. Imma be honest...i know the thermo says 90s, but it really doesnt feel that hot. Its very tolerable. Low humidity and sun angle makes a big difference. It felt as hot to me today as it did on the mountain in Aspen last week at 9000 ft. Sunny and 70 felt like 90 and I was sweating like crazy.
  16. I understand the thinking but disagree with the word "large". The runoff and flooding would be devastating. What would be better is a 2-3 back to back small tropical waves that dump a couple inches each over weeks, not days. My yard here in the triad is concrete. You throw 4-8" of rain on top of that and everything runs off. We need slow and steady.
  17. That looks like a brownout to me. A quick yellowing, then death. No way these trees stand a chance of much color this year. My yard is already full of dead leaves here in the Triad.
  18. Just saw that myself regarding the cool down potential for the first week in Oct. But cooling is only half the battle. If we lose our growing season for lawn and garden, I pray we don't have a wet winter because everything I own will be mud by February. Need....rain...now.
  19. Was this predicted in any models 60-90 days ago in long range outlooks?
  20. It is 32° this morning, with FROST, in Aspen CO and fortunately I am here to witness it. What a glorious morning!
  21. I needed a break in the action and fortunately had to travel to Aspen CO this weekend. The weather is stunning!! 60s and 30s, beautiful days. And we had snow flurries from a passing cloud yesterday at 12,000 feet going over Independence Pass. I'll do whatever dance, ritual or sacrifice to the memory of John Denver that I need to do to bring this weather home with me to the Southeast.
  22. What is stunning to me about the charts above is that we ended up with 2018 being a near record Sept for heat....while we were having record annual rainfall amounts during a fall when we couldnt find a dry weekend anywhere and begging for it to stop raining. That to me is even more impressive than this year.
  23. Until Jerry or one of his Caribbean cousins shows up and wrecks the party with 100% humidity and 85° temps well into Oct. We are not going to get off the hook easy this year.