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  2. I've been watching some of what has been going on in MN/WI... and seems like HRRR was a big whiff
  3. That first ice cold brew after the first HHH day of the summer is the best of the year imo.
  4. I'll admit I contributed to that stat At my chronological level I can’t even be part of the discussion. As always .....
  5. I've noticed high temperatures can be kind of finicky based on when and where high dewpoints are able to mix up into the dry capping layer above. Sure enough, wherever the model was over-doing surface dewpoints, temperatures over-performed. It had dewpoints up in the mid-70s there. If that had verified the temp wouldn't have hit 100. Only in those super-extreme July heatwaves like 1995 do you get the triple-digit heat along with extreme humidity. In a normal pattern it's usually one or the other.
  6. yeah i see the movement is now more ESE now following the instability, they were moving way more south than east earlier. its good these formed more east earlier.
  7. Verbatim, it would be a nice fast-moving line with good wind potential if CAPE ended up better than modeled... not that I'm implying that it will be.
  8. The good thing about this time of night is storms don't eat crap over the lake like they do if its still mid-afternoon. Should just slide right over the marine layer.
  9. Please take care of yourself. The old company adage was when an employee buys it on the job the first thing you do is step over him and clock him out. I hope the penalty overtime provisions are being adhered to. Be well and safe. As always ...
  10. Yea. I enjoyed watching the Florida-style lake breeze stuff last week, but it was pretty hit-or-miss in terms of actually having a proper storm in your back yard. I'm hoping for a good light show tonight. Though the storms themselves are still a long way off I can see the anvil canopy spreading in from the NW now.
  11. Euro seems to have the opposite problem compared to last year regarding temps. Last year it was too hot with temps, especially over areas that hadn't had much rain. This year it's under-doing temps by 5-8 degrees in many cases. Was off by almost 10 degrees over northwest Iowa today in areas that hit 100.
  12. Please try to get rest when you can. The fear in my Cobble Hill neighborhood was that The Cadman Plaza area protest would move west along Court and/or Smith. I just listen for the choppers. If I hear them getting closer then I figure trouble may be arriving. I’m happy the mayor grew some grey matter and realized a curfew tgat starts hours after dark was less than useless. We are a long way from Fred’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Right now it just seems like a long night in the hood. Be safe, As always ....
  13. The big problem we have tomorrow is that it is dry. HRRR is putting the DPs in the 50s by later in the day. Kills the instability and the line dropping down.
  14. Yup! Pretty fun to watch. Looks like buffalo is lining up to get clobbered right now and Rochester is going to be too far east. I hate missing out on these events, they are so rare around here. The most intense lightning storms I’ve ever seen around here are always MCS’s. Buckle up buffalo, it’s looking promising for you guys
  15. Please, aliens..invade us now.
  16. This will be a major point of conversation for sure.
  17. If June 3rd is the first 90 degree day, I’m ok with it
  18. I'll admit I contributed to that stat
  19. Subsurface waters in May for 100-180W down to 300m were the coldest they've been (relatively) since October 2017. Huge flip from March to May. Keep your eyes on the hurricane season - in La Nina years, the ACE Index for the Atlantic is a good leading indicator for whether the West will be cold or not in the winter. Years with low ACE Index values in La Ninas (2007) tend to be cooler than years with very high ACE index values (2017).
  20. If true then we should be allowed to attend Bills games
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