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Spring/Summer Mid-Long Term Discussion


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Yeah @Carvers Gap seems somebody in Riverton with my view of the world wrote that AFD, lol! 

Smoke has reached Tennessee, but nothing intense. Low dewpoints on the east wind is nice, but the high press up North is funneling in smoke. Sky is milky where it's blue. 

For a minute I was missing deep blue sky; however, the only path to that now is a pure tropical airmass. Eh, I'll take smoke (mild of course) over 70 Td.

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I see the CPC is saying this summer could be the coolest since 2017.  I say bring it please!!!! Some rain every 2-3 days & more humid than hot is just fine with me. I prefer green over dry & brown. 

2017 was terrible. It rained every weekend. Every time we had friends over to swim it rained. On the other hand, it was the only year I never put water down on my lawn and it never became stressed out.

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Yeah I'm really enjoying these dewpoints. Fetch from the ENE goes all the way to New England. I know it won't last. Next week will gradually return to reality. It'll be June!

Guess the core of summer is humid either way, so hope for BN temps and AN rainfall. What I really want is some northwest flow thunderstorm action later in June. Only after that I will be ready for pop-up summer afternoon stuff. I'm not really counting on the NW flow part though. Week 3 is the wish-cast zone, lol!

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