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Central PA Summer 2022

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Same results as yesterday (exactly). High was 89.4 again, so two days in a row I got cheated out of a 90 degree high, and now it looks like the core of the rain/storms is/are going to miss to the south.

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10 hours ago, Bubbler86 said:

HRR has a fairly damp rush hour for the LSV.

Definitely damp on my drive to work earlier. Sun is peaking out now. Prior to that, I picked up .08" of rain early this morning, .45" total since yesterday. It's very humid outside, and one other bit of usless information - at 7pm last evening my temp was 72.7. Since then, it has remained between 72.1 and 73.2. No temp movement at all over the past 12 hours. 

That's all I got. :) 


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