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April 12 Severe Threat


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4 minutes ago, Uncle Nasty said:

We are in Ooltewah. Woke my wife up and we got in the closet under the stairs. No reports of damages yet in our area. Rumors there was a touchdown but I'll wait until I see ground reports. Our house is 4 years old and built solid. The wind was howling. Hopefully we have no loss if life in our area. I'm hoping no damage at our house. We have underground utilities and lost power for 20 minutes. Lost it a 2nd time for 10 minutes. Everyone stay safe.


I cracked the closet door 1 time and you could literally feel pressure. Im guessing that was just from the main winds from the storm being so strong. Just hope we have no damage


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Good to hear you're safe. Debris on radar says there was 100% a touchdown; question now is the exact path. The debris sig went directly over Ooltewah proper.

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8 hours ago, Blue Ridge said:

Sh*t, is Mr. Bob still in Ooltewah? Or am I imagining things?

Fortunately in North Chatt these days. I watched the intense lightning from my back porch which faces east but we probably only had a gust to 45 and I am about a mile northwest of KCHA which had a gust to 59. A lot of coworkers live in that area but so far no one got hurt which is the best news. 

Dew point rose from 45 at 8am to 67 by 11pm...I don't think I have seen it do that around here before as a preamble to severe weather. Pretty amazing. 

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