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  1. TDS got weaker (went over the river), might pick back up in intensity
  3. That model (probably the RPM?) had trouble with storm mode.
  4. At least. I counted at least 10 that looked like clean sweeps or close to it.
  5. Just watched the entire ariel coverage from News 5 Nashville, and I gotta say, this reminds me a lot of Joplin. The damage is nothing short of astonishing. Entire condo duplexes leveled. Many homes swept completely off their foundation, ground scouring, debarking... you name it. Just horrible. Absolute tragedy.
  6. Say a prayer for all of those who were involved. The death toll is already enormous and will likely rise even more in the Cookeville area.
  7. Damage looks at least ef-4 near Mount Juliet
  8. Everybody say a prayer. Horrible
  9. Models are still not super consistent with this event, but they all appear to show some severe risk on Tuesday. GFS and Canadian are the slowest (which is odd, GFS usually is faster than the EC) while the UKmet and EC are faster.