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  1. He's still showing some odd stuff that's for sure.
  2. At least 3 are now confirmed dead near Carrollton from the tornado earlier.
  3. Yeah that's what I was referring to. Looks like there is a small area of buildings right off the highway where it touched down (plus copious trees), so there should be quite a few damage indicators.
  4. Basically there is a layer in the atmosphere where the winds are turning counterclockwise with height instead of clockwise with height which can screw up storm mode and meso cyclone maintenance (if it's really robust like that example).
  5. Tornado threat going up in texas; deep free sector convection is getting anchored with previous WAA elevation convection becoming surface-based.
  6. There it is. Could be our first SigTor of the day
  7. Probably not too far off from a significant tornado event in NE Oklahoma
  8. Pretty impressive available streamwise vorticity ingested by this storm using local sfc obs, fort smith radar, and nws calculated storm motion
  9. You could probably extend that further into AR if you believe that latest HRRR trends. The Super Tuesday analogue seems less comical now than it did a few days ago
  10. Moderate risk area expanded, significant tornado area removed
  11. Reflects the aggressiveness of recent CAMS. You also see a subtle depiction of a 2ndary 15% contour in LA likely representing the chance of warm sector discrete convection.
  12. NSSL WRF is very aggressive with open warm sector development in two areas: 1. SE Oklahoma 2. Nighttime supercells in the arklatex area, shreveport
  13. More interesting observations is the latest NAM3k --> Successfully launches discrete cells in the open warm sector with UH (rooted, possibly tornadic cells) in LA. Several models have been indicating this could happen but this is the best evidence of it happening undisturbed.
  14. I had to zoom out to the National Level on Pivotal Weather to capture the HRRR total UH swaths.
  15. I would be surprised if they did it at 0600 UTC, but I would imagine a considerable expansion of the MOD would be appropriate.