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  1. You could probably justify a small enhanced risk tomorrow in the texarkana area tomorrow based off the 0z cams
  2. Sounds like this upgrade is not official yet.
  3. Now we just need to have the Bassfield tornado get upgraded to EF-5 and we're all square with the house again.
  4. Somebody is gonna get a P.h.D. from figuring the dynamics of this supercell... lol
  5. The one over Chambers wasn't issued until 9:28 though, and I think that's the one most people have been griping about since stuff is actually there.
  6. SPC thinks this cell will continue well into the night
  7. at this point, might as well carpetbomb the entire CWA... lol
  8. aaaaaaaaaaaand we're on the verge of having twins.... again.
  9. So to sum this mess up over the last 30 minutes, I think we had a weak, unwarned tornado dissipate, then, a non-traditional occlusion of the original mesocyclone that somehow lead to additional tightening and a tornado with a straight northerly motion that went straight out of the polygon. Then, the second meso intensifies west of Chambers, drops a massive tornado, along with at least 1 anticyclonic satellite. lol
  10. Too many people weening over if Bassfield was an Ef-5 or not haha
  11. Yep. One of them 7 people died in too IIRC near the TN border
  12. The people of Bassfield might disagree with that assessment
  13. Looks like a possible inflow surge over woodworth .wouldn't count them out yet