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Southeast Valley Special Obs and Last Min Forecasts.


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Still a solid moderate snow coming down.

I'm not sure how accurate the snow depth measurement is I took. The concrete obviously has less but I measured just over 2" with measurements on 3 of our patio tables . Really, really nice big fluffy flakes dropping from the sky. 5bff682ee9a98f34972b7f6775dceb72.jpg&key=f31b213a9d0e4b2f9a2a435c38a94b671b2b7304cf70b3066865ffbebb64069a3a693d79d27710b961612293842bd382.jpg&key=3e462bdb60a9425df8557653d80eeab308dc012185601f69bfbbd8f67d9f6d761b488c6aba897935269b75185bb9b61b.jpg&key=e1a80f2a88b73c139120701b1122a680003a789cfed721afb10f78e412f6d07b7db7f33e6dbc42e07e6b0d9116a5e719.jpg&key=f4005810eedc19f99decf4e0c551840e982d7822f00f3d80649c78f02f03b8328df97bd20c8e0e5d53fa62edf85fa0d9.jpg&key=86ee4283091fb8118d3f67ca4b95d05ed54a6fc118fd4ba1320e93d84c4691b072d7603980fda7a951f69f8155ad8631.jpg&key=5152b4b5ef3f5127b11a33510989025911876b5e3ea45720669d52a996b2ee49dd18e270826b98a7e4d80b787b24b592.jpg&key=ad4df6a13d392552bbcd49c35b09b9ca0590afa2fc5534206cf6b61a30d0f703


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Flakes getting much smaller. Looks to be winding down. Hard to measure accurately in the yard because of the length of the grass. I keep the grass at 3 1/2" so I can't get an accurate measurement. I just cleaned off the windows on the vehicle and it was a super saturated wet snow. I'm not exaggerating when I say it was right at 4" on the vehicle. 4706f5612f267c97f78042e24134c377.jpgc2c4dc930306a4131bc953adb20e278f.jpg

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