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12/10-11/19 Potential Valley Wide Snow Event.


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Just now, Shocker0 said:

We don't have a ton of snow in Crossville, but most of what is on the ground has fallen after dark, so hopefully that means there's still plenty more coming for the rest of you tonight to the east.Snow121019.thumb.jpg.eabdfdca2116fa8d025794d0e66150a6.jpg

Looking at radar returns in Western Cumberland, I figured you'd have  3 inches or more. 

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Still can't believe it's snowing in Chattanooga, even though it's not sticking well. Grill and metal surfaces mainly, but the flakes add holiday cheer.

I'm out of reactions today. Want to thank all who report. Love the pictures coming in now. AmWx needs to allow more reactions instead of stifling expression (or forcing more posts when a reaction will do).

Anyway the dry air that robbed Nashville is stubborn. I think it's impacting precip advancing out of Alabama toward southeast Tenn. Feels like that slug of moisture will break up in southeast Tenn. Appears northeast Tennessee is doing OK though.

On the plus side the Upper Plateau seems to be doing well today. Earlier I thought there, it might be a good day. On the Upper Plateau it is now time to play Ice Cube's song Good Day. Radio version if kids in the room. :clap:

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