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2 minutes ago, rochesterdave said:

Yep. I was in a meso two years ago. It looked like the NIKE swirl. It came on shore with me just on the west side of it. You could literally watch the snow accumulate. Like, hold out your hand for 30 seconds and get it completely covered. Visibility was about 25 feet. Madness. No thunder though. 

Thunder is so common off of Erie compared to Ontario. I wonder why that is. I see it here a few times a year. 

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Just now, rochesterdave said:

I gotta say guys, I'm enjoying this. Just finished my second beer- feeling good. Watching that radar fill in. I'll be up til 3. So don't go away! Lol

I'll be up for a bit longer, but starting new job tomorrow. I'm excited and nervous for it. Think you guys in Rochester do very well next few days. :snowwindow:

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1 hour ago, WesterlyWx said:

Flurries here in WS. All of metro BUF getting down sloped like a mofo with winds racing from the south right off the Boston Hills. Will be lucky to see an inch total with these paltry rates. 



Nothing here, not even flurries. We have been getting shafted in every possible way.

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Looks like front end is going to be best from WNY up north to ART and North country. Seems to be where best returns are filling in. Southern tier may struggle to scrape out 1-3" generally.  I'm holding to a total of 8-10" total here just north of Syracuse.  2-3" overnight and about 6" tomorrow night into early Wednesday.  May see a significant period of non accumulating snow tomorrow until backside LES kicks in overnight Tuesday.

coating of snow here thusfar, small grainy dendrites.

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10 minutes ago, vortmax said:

Thanks. I located the site. Still cant figure how to post a live action. 

Suffice to say. Very Heavy snow now in Rochester. 1"/hr rates. Its been ramping up for last two hours and is really coming down now. 

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NWS sticking with 10-14" for kroc. However, they are only calling for 1-2" tonight and another 1-2" Tuesday. So they are expecting the lions share to arrive Tuesday eve and Weds morning. I gotta think we do much better than 1-2" for the overnight. I'm already sitting at 1.5" of new snow. So it will only take another inch to exceed their expectations. 

Its coming down pretty good now. About .75"-1"/hr. Last hr its been very consistent. Big flakes with smaller stuff filling in around them. Visibility is half mile or less. It looks a lot like Christmas. 

Any other reports from the region?

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What a fantastic water vapor image as it tells the whole story, lol.  The potent SW that dropped in through the upper Wid-West and crossed through IO is now in EC OH and appears to be heading ENE. However, on top of this initial piece of energy, there's another piece now dropping into the main trough and it is this piece that becomes the dominant feature which basically combines or comes together somewhere over New England, IMO.


Heres the same time, but at H500


12 hrs later, the first piece of energy which is providing us with a nice appetizer is exiting or basically washes out, then the secondary takes shape off the NJ coast somewhere or E end of LI perhaps, but that's the new SLP which this diving energy captures and basically bombs out over New England.  This, I think, will be the system that provides the area with copious amounts of Synoptic moisture, along with LE for the whole South Shore and points East up to the Southern Tug.

If these two pieces of energy had dropped as one, instead of two pieces, fuggettaboutit, lol!

24 hrs later H500



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