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  1. I agree as I despise wind events as my power almost always goes out with high winds so I pray it gets a lot weaker in the coming days!
  2. Yay, a wind event, lol, BW and Delta should be intrigued!
  3. 5 day ICON 5 day FV3 Yeah, ill go with the ICON and ill stay away from all US guidance for now on!
  4. It doesn't even snow here anymore with a NW flow, lol, just horrible, for real!
  5. I don't think we see much rain from tomorrows event so we'll see as the system basically splits and we get left high and dry.
  6. One of the biggest busts in recent memory from WxBell, just absolutely horrific, WoW and the next 16 days in the NE is just ugly. Anyone take a look at Europe? Their having one of the warmest Jan-Fab periods on record and a warm Europe Teleconnects fairly well with a Strong SE ridge. Now we can really put a coffin in this Winter, lol, just unreal. But it doesn't mean it can't snow in the NE cause it most certainly can and probably will as we're in a big battle zone!
  7. The next one to watch out for significant accumulations is from next Wed-Fri as all 3 globals are on it now with mostly frozen precip!
  8. Meanwhile MI is having one of their best yrs ever, lol, and you moved, isn't it ironic, don't ya think?
  9. Soon as the trough axis shifts east a bit then its headed South but not till then I don't think so enjoy.
  10. That thing is steady state right now and isn't moving anytime soon!
  11. Could be Mexico through Parish as well so we'll see!
  12. I'm so done with this horrific winter especially after yesterdays 6" then 3" of straight wind driven sleet and to top that off about 1/4" of ice, WTF? I was actually able to stand on a 2.5' drift thats how hared it was and I'm 6'2, 200 lbs, lol!
  13. im 2 miles from Central Square Wolf and I won't see 2 inches tonight mark my words, lol!
  14. THe front is gonna control the flow this evening and through the night unfortunately the fronts gonna sag a bit further South than first anticipated right between me and you Wolfie, lol!
  15. Your not getting any LE, lol, its gonna drop right past and reform to the South, sad but true!
  16. Its along the front and was forecasted since yesterday so I don't know why its such a huge surprise that its snowing, lol!
  17. Yeah, i'm 4 miles from you CNY and about 12 from Phoenix thats why the diff
  18. Mix line is advancing NEward as was expected but definitely earlier than expected too.