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For those who haven't seen it yet, I just wanted to make you aware of a new model site that some friends and I started up back in November:




We are currently free and supported by ads (please disable any ad blockers, if possible!). We strive to provide premium graphics comparable to existing pay sites, and we think we're doing a good job of that so far, though we certainly have plans to expand further in the coming months.


A few key features which may be of interest to the winter crowd here:


- Snowfall accumulation at 6-, 12-, and 24-hour intervals (along with run total accumulation to-hour) for the GGEM, GFS, NAM, 4km NAM, RAP, and HRRR


- Point values plotted at METAR locations for many surface maps, including snowfall


- Both Kuchera and 10:1 ratio snowfall accumulation maps


- Clickable soundings for all 5 NCEP models we have (GFS, NAM, 4km NAM, HRRR, RAP), including a highlighted dendritic growth zone, omega profile, and more


Attached are a couple sample images showing off the potential major winter storm this coming week. Enjoy, and let us know if you have any comments or suggestions!



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Thanks for the comments, guys, and sorry I took so long to check back in!


Question: both snowfall with 10-1 snow/liquid ratio with the 4km NAM, 12z run. What is going on with the wiggliness of the Pivotalweather.com depiction of this?


We have noticed this issue with the 4km NAM accumulated snowfall graphics and are looking into a fix. Sorry about that!


Love the site, great job!

Any plans on making it available on mobile either as a mobile friendly mode or app?

Android in particular is severely lacking a app for viewing the models. I know i would pay to get a decent app.

Great work so far, bookmarked.


Thanks for your interest! We've heard this request a lot over the past couple months, so we're definitely looking into how feasible an app would be. If we ever make one, we want to be sure it truly adds value over simply using the site in a mobile browser. That's actually a somewhat tricky problem from a design standpoint, especially on phones with smaller screens.

If we continue to grow and do well this year, then perhaps by next winter an app will be in the cards!


Where is the omega profile located in the clickable sounding? 


The omega profile is located on the far left of the Skew-T panel. Keep in mind that it only appears for winter weather soundings. When you create a sounding, our code determines whether it should be created in "winter weather" or "severe weather" mode based on the temperature profile. If it's cold enough to support frozen/freezing precip, then the "winter weather" mode will be used, and the omega profile is shown.


I've circled the omega profile in yellow, and the winter precip information panel (bottom right) in red on this example from CO today. The dendritic growth zone is also highlighted as a yellow segment along the temperature line (red) of the Skew-T for winter soundings.



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Update: March 28, 2016


We just launched our first significant upgrade over the weekend. Here are some of the new features:




- Data readout as you hover over maps

- International maps (covering each continent, plus some tighter zooms)

- Addition of CFS model output

- Expanded parameter list for most models

- CONUS maps for HRRR and 4km NAM

- Improved color tables


Hope everyone enjoys, and as always, feel free to leave any comments or requests here!



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It's been awhile since I've updated this thread, but quite a few new features have been added to PW in recent months:

Just wanted to highlight some of these as more winter threats appear on the horizon. As always, feel free to respond here or DM me if you have any questions, comments, or suggestsion!


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32 minutes ago, Chicago Storm said:

The one thing holding you guys back is the lack of a slider bar to scroll through model runs, as COD has.

This is available on our Loop animation mode. We just reshuffled our UI a bit earlier this week in an attempt to make all our looping and animation options more visible. Under "Animation," the option "Forecast Loop" is similar to what several other sites offer (preloading all hours of a forecast with a slider). You can also view a Trend Loop (dProg/dt) in the same format. Here's an example: http://www.pivotalweather.com/model.php?m=nam&p=snku_acc&fh=loop&r=conus&dpdt=&mc=

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10 minutes ago, bdgwx said:

Looks good. I like the changes. It's getting a lot more usable.

Thanks for the feedback!

In UI design, there's often some tradeoff between powerful features and simplicity of presentation. We try to strike the right balance, but probably lean more toward packing in extra features where possible, even if it sometimes makes the UI more complex.

I know several of the other popular NWP graphics sites use a loop presentation by default, and that's something we've resisted to this point, out of concern for mobile users' bandwidth (e.g., if a 384-hour GFS loop is the first thing that loads when you hit the site, you may be pulling down 5-10 MB of data right away). We're continuing to evaluate that and may change the default mode in the future, though.

If you or anyone else here has a specific suggestion on how the interface or experience could be improved, don't hesitate to let us know. If we get consistent feedback about a specific aspect of the site, there's a good chance we'll take it into account in future updates.

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Checking in for my annual-ish update: we've just added FREE Euro data for select surface/precipitation fields at 6-h intervals! This also includes new city-focused zooms across the country for the Euro maps with population centers labeled, something I don't think you'll find elsewhere (free or otherwise).

We've also revamped the website a bit and added RTMA, NDFD, and various other non-model maps in the same web framework as our models. You can switch between model and non-model products while staying on the same zooms. We are planning to add looping/animated GIF capabilities to RTMA in the next few weeks.

I hope everyone enjoys the new products, and feel free to leave feedback here (or through our contact form).

To address a likely question upfront: there are currently no plans to turn Pivotal Weather into a subscription service, aside from commercial licensing for business-oriented users (people using our site routinely to make money or make business decisions). We are hoping that ad revenue, combined with support from the community, will sustain the new products and even allow us to add more Euro data in the future. If you'd like to see this happen, there are two things you can do to help:

1. Use Pivotal Weather to view as much of your preferred model data as we have available, Euro or otherwise!

2. If you can afford it, consider donating to our Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/pivotalweather

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