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  2. The CFS keeps the US warm into December, but after that it shows near normal or even below normal. It's been consistent on this. Not saying that we'll have a rockin' February. It does seem like the bad pattern may just be a fall thing, which is a very La Nina-esque scenario. This is looking to be a moderate Nina, so that would make sense.
  3. Jeezus, had no idea you got divorced. Hope things are ok.
  4. Warm in the east and cool in the west is the official weather pattern of the continental US.
  5. The lack of media attention that the humanitarian tragedy unfolding in PR is getting is disheartening. People get worked up over football players but Americans are being set back 30 years gets little press.
  6. It came in a hair warmer for Tue as well.
  7. #fakenews
  8. Oh, and DAY was 89'd again today.
  9. Indeed. Looks like widespread support for 90/91.
  10. 00z NAM came in a little warmer aloft for tomorrow. Based on that, and trends with the HRRR and RAP, I have increasing confidence in ORD logging another 90 degree day tomorrow.
  11. It appears to be related to the recent GFS upgrade. I noticed on raw 2m temps it tends to do better in the cities on hot days but still too cool outside the cities. So on projected warm days in the medium range, the anomaly maps will be more pronounced over the cities for that reason, that the warmer output over the urban areas will make them father above normal there. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  12. High much? I've stated the opposite for the past week or so...In fact I never installed this season at all. My apartment is nice and insulated. No idea what my ex wife has done at the house. Normally install in June and ex-tall in early Sept., or at least shut down.
  13. Can it rain please? Thanks in advance.
  14. Well at least these 90's aren't like in mid July. Feels great at night with a bit of ac help
  15. Even if a tropical volcano erupts tomorrow, this winter wouldn't be impacted much in the States. Because of that, I vote to move the discussion to banter!
  16. Wow, thanks for the stats! This is exactly what I was looking for. We will see how this shakes out, but what an impressive stretch this has been so far. I actually will be coming home to Buffalo for quite an extended period in November. As of right now, it looks like I'll be arriving in Buffalo on November 17th...and possibly staying straight through until November 27th. I'll be coming home for Christmas as well, but dates TBD. Definitely hoping for some excitement when I'm back!
  17. Tolland has always had a big bald dome.
  18. You are going away 3 times during the winter? Lock it in now, we are going to get slammed!
  19. Tolland
  20. Only 0.32" of rain at ORD so far this month. It has a shot to finish in the top 5 driest Septembers (current 5th driest is 0.46") and almost guaranteed to finish in the top 10 (current 10th driest is 0.84")
  21. 90 for NYC tomorrow
  22. I actually uninstalled my MIL wall units this evening. Her house was not bad...
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  24. Unlike some trolls lot of what he says is true. I have to begrudgingly agree with him much of the time. But he only shows up when it's bad news. Being pessimistic is ok but if you only come around to get a kick out of delivering bad news and disappear when it's good, that not providing any value. I don't remember him around much the week of the blizzard in 2016 but a few weeks later when a feb threat was falling apart suddenly he felt we needed his constant analysis of how bad the setup was. Probability argues the 1963 level is unlikely but I would ratter a less biased messenger.
  25. Best chance is from 5 to 6 am on 1/13/18.
  26. BTV, South Burlington, Winooski, etc are rough in the warm season. Just doesn't cool off at night and get hotter during the day. Living in a top floor apartment in BTV was brutal with little ventilation back during college. It really is a different world in BTV vs. the mountain valleys. Not bad here now that it's in the 60s... these obs are up to an hour old, but the areas that are usually well mixed like BTV and ORH are staying up while the mountain valleys (like in the Berkshires, up here and NNH) are able to drop. The coastal regions get the ocean A/C. Funny how MVY is the coldest ASOS in New England and close to the MWN temperature at 6,200ft. Most of these evening temperatures are still much higher than the average high temp for this date, except for the coastal regions.
  27. NYC's almanac for 9/25 Highest max. Lowest max. Highest min. Lowest min. Max. Precipitation. 90 in 1970.....53 in 1879.....71 in 1881.....40 in 1887.....2.36" in 1940 89 in 1926.....55 in 1887.....71 in 1970.....41 in 1950.....1.97" in 1991 89 in 1881.....57 in 1977.....70 in 1945.....44 in 1879.....1.45" in 1977 89 in 2010.....59 in 1902.....70 in 1961.....44 in 1989.....1.25" in 1902 87 in 1968.....60 in 1894.....70 in 2011.....45 in 1967.....1.05" in 1975 1881... http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn83030214/1881-09-25/ed-1/seq-7/ 1902... http://bklyn.newspapers.com/image/50416538 http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn83030214/1902-09-26/ed-1/seq-9/ 1926... http://bklyn.newspapers.com/image/58267406/ 1940... http://bklyn.newspapers.com/image/52690724/ http://bklyn.newspapers.com/image/52691110 1950... https://bklyn.newspapers.com/image/53868454/ 1955... http://nycsubway.org/perl/show?75789 ...............................................................................................
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