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  2. Does anyone know if Kevin is doing his accumulation table for board members again?
  3. Not a drop here I don't think . The holiday tomorrow looks to have a real seasonal if not downright winter feel for a change. Euro has highs struggling to hit 40 here..I'll take it. That looks to be the coldest day of the next 10.
  4. ...had thunder & lightening w/ heavy rain..quite mild @ 53*..
  5. I think he's tweeting about it because it is fairly weak.
  6. 404: WInter Not Found?
  7. Moderate to heavy rain moving through. Started around 5am.
  8. Today
  9. I really don't understand what the heck is going on. As I mentioned last week, climo tells us that it is difficult to get true arctic air into the southeast in November.
  10. It's because of the period at the end.
  11. The euro keeps getting warmer and warmer and so does the eps. No torch but we have all this blocking and the atmosphere is responding in a funny way.
  12. The chances for some snow is diminishing fast. The models keep pulling the trough northward. We have all this blocking and all it does is too keep us from torching lol. Who wud have thunk it...
  13. Link gives me a 404 error
  14. Naturally with the surprise fluff bomb that Mother Nature delivered yesterday, I wanted to see how it played out on the slopes, so I stopped for a quick ski tour at Bolton Valley this morning. Arriving up at the Village, I’d describe the weather as having a very Colorado-esque vibe. The ground was covered with desert-dry, champagne powder and temperatures were in the mid-20s F. Even before the sunshine hit you, the air just had that comfortable feel, and with the clear skies, the day just held that promise of being sunny, dry, and warm. I guess it also reminded me of a March ski day to some degree. I haven’t seen an official report on snow accumulations from the resort, which is not too surprising since they’re still in pre-season, but based on settled depths of the new powder and the rate of settling I’d seen at the house, I’d guess the Village elevations around 2,000’ picked up a half foot of snow. That’s similar to what we picked up down at the house. I’d tack on another couple of inches higher in the mountain, which would put accumulations there similar to the 7” reported at elevation for Stowe. With the 7-8” of fluff, the total snowpack depth I was finding on the upper half of the mountain was in the 10-12” range. I see that the snowpack at the Mt. Mansfield Stake came in at 11” as of tonight’s reading. The high temperature up there was only 32 F, so that snow probably didn’t undergo much melting and is likely comparable to what I found at Bolton this morning. I’ve added a few pictures from today’s tour below:
  15. I know that you are aware of all of that, Steve...just clarifying.
  16. You need to keep in mind that "front loaded" is a term relative to the distribution of snowfall throughout a given season...it doesn't have to mean a record snowy December. Some of us, such as myself, touched upon the fact that the east based la nina composite actually featured a mild December, while also elaborating on why I didn't feel as though this December would be mild. NOT an overgeneralization.
  17. I thought the 0z nam was doing it's normal overamped self at hour 84 but Gfs also has a stronger southern vort for Saturday . Sizeable jump northwest . What does this mean...just a closer miss ..lol . ..most likely.
  18. Can't make it up Ray.
  19. Cant agree more. Southern PA guy that lurks here because of what Wof just stated.... and I'd even include Fella into the mix. He's old and deserving of respect because of how many years he's put up w/ some of this crap. :). Keep up the good work gang. Nut
  20. My first accumulating snowfall in the front loaded winter of 2008-09 was 2.5" on Dec.17. Dec 2007 had 4.5" before Dec 13. Man, people are more neurotic every season.
  21. Yeah, I was going to comment on the change today – driving home from Burlington after work, the temperature dropped 15 F in probably 20 minutes of travel from the edge of the Champlain Valley to Waterbury.
  22. Oh she definitely isn't taking any sh*t without a fight.
  23. 1st 10 days of DEC will warm in eastern 2/3. 11-15 Cold begins to bleed east. Big central U.S. trough 15-20th.
  24. But the same folks here...never seem to learn anything...and forever flip flop with every run. Like you said, twitter Mets tweeting based on model runs of that particular day. And the same ones buying it hook line and sinker. Will and Scott and a few others here(including you), break it down perfectly, and see through and around the daily fluctuations of modeling, and the rest of the model hugging wannabes & Mets out there.
  25. Rain/snow mix here currently.
  26. Def one of the nicer sunsets lately in this area. I was coming home but no good spot to safely pull over. Plus I just have my iPhone. Meh pics from a meh photographer Your shot is great
  27. Ok, gotcha! All we are missing is cold! Hopefully this will look like this in January
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