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  2. jaxjagman

    Tn Valley Severe Weather 2018

    Slight risk tomorrow,southern areas.Nashville seems to think the slight risk will be expanded,so we'll see what the next update shows.For today so far: ...MO/AR into KY/TN/MS... A cold front currently extends from central MO into northeast AR. Scattered thunderstorms will develop along this front this afternoon, spreading eastward into parts of western KY/TN and northern MS this evening. Relatively strong wind fields in this area suggest some risk of severe storms capable of damaging wind gusts. A consensus of model solutions suggest that afternoon t-td spreads will only be the 10-12 degree F range. This combined with poor mid-level lapse rates lend uncertainty to a more robust severe event. This area will be monitored in later updates.
  3. RedSky

    E PA/NJ/DE Summer 2018 OBS Thread

    Last night's rain chance was 90%, Mt. Holly needs to stay away from the casinos
  4. janetjanet998

    June 2018 General Discussion

    models have been very steady new... 12z NAM very concerning for Chicago metro....as upper level features and forcing increase tonight with PW still 1.75 or so..and Cook county is at the Pivot point ..... looks like a steady mod-heavy rain much of the day(rates .1 to .4 inches per hour) then we will have to see where that heavy band sets up overnight..

    Summer Banter, Observation and General Discussion 2018

    How will you market it?
  6. KamuSnow

    E PA/NJ/DE Summer 2018 OBS Thread

    Similar thoughts regarding the weekend, but seeing 80% pops for Saturday 2 days out indicates high confidence on Mt.. Holly's part at least. Uh, make that 60% now, thought it was 80% earlier. Medium confidence then.
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  8. Snow88

    El Nino Watch

    I know it's way too early but this is a good article by 40/70 Benchmark on this upcoming winter. Looking more and more like an EL Nino winter might be on the way. https://easternmassweather.blogspot.com/2018/06/el-nino-watch-issued-for-winter-2018.html?m=1
  9. tamarack

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    NYC recorded sustained wind 43 mph, their top for Dec, but i can only estimate what we had. However, gusts were sufficient to shatter $10k worth of windows in a nearly finished new school a couple towns away, tipped many trees, managed to create 6-ft drifts from the 2" of (originally wet) snow that fell late on 12/29. One could track gusts by the clouds of snow flying thru the woods. My guess is that gusts topped 60, may have reached 70. Only the Apps gale of Nov 1950 can challenge for the strongest winds of my experience, with Hazel and Doria (NNJ) and Bob (Maine) clearly a step lower. The wind began howling late on 12/29 after the snow ended, increased on the 30th and still more the next day, and only began to calm a bit during the overnight 31st-1st. The 1962 winds were backside NW from the blizzard that ate BGR - 30-45" in the lower/middle Penobscot valley, temps cycling back and forth between subzero and near freezing, drifts to 16'. A 20-year retrospect in the Bangor Daily News (which was unable to publish on 12/31, for the only time in their nearly 200 year history) included a tale of snowplows out near the airport. A regular (for Maine) plow truck got stuck, so a 6-wheel-drive grader was sent. When it got stuck, a large bulldozer followed, and also got stuck, at which point the operators probably retreated to Pilot's Grill for warmth inside and out. The NFL championship, Giants-Packers, was played on 12/30 at Yankee Stadium. Temps were mid teens (compared to NYC's 13/4 on the 31st), but according to those who sat thru both, the wind and cold combo was comparable - though 25-30° less cold - to that at the famed Ice Bowl in GB 5 years later.
  10. Much less rain down this way, with just 0.10".
  11. Had 76/41 yesterday with more sun than clouds. June diurnal range "only" 25° after May's 30, but without the cool drizzle-clouds of 4-7 my June average would be 73/45.
  12. Early July torch city?
  13. weatherbo

    June 2018 General Discussion

    Third night in a row in the 40's for a low. Should top out around 70 again with wall to wall sunshine...pretty typical UP summer weather. Heading up to the Copper Country today with supplies and donations for the Keweenaw flood victims.
  14. Ring of fire? It probably won't be all torch, all the time...but it does look warm overall. We're usually far enough NE from the heart of the ridge so that we can get some weak cold fronts in here with any weak s/w's passing by to the north.
  15. Looks like the area is headed back to the weekend rain pattern since late April. At least there was a break last weekend. We may be able to pull off a split. Chance of showers on Saturday with drier and warmer conditions for Sunday.
  16. Baroclinic Zone

    Summer Banter, Observation and General Discussion 2018

    Noticeable deforestation up in the Framingham/Southboro area as I was driving around, Nothing at home. Saw but a couple of caterpillars. Lawn is still lush green over 80% despite the lack of rains. Only areas showing summer stress are the areas seeing sun most of the day on the east side of house.
  17. JTA66

    E PA/NJ/DE Summer 2018 OBS Thread

    I feel like Even Stephen ... Monday evening, those storms were supposed to fizzle before reaching us. But I got a pretty decent t-storm out of them. Last night the forecast called for rain, possibly locally heavy. I got nada. We'll see what the weekend brings, but really don't know what to think (expect) at this point.
  18. cyclone77

    June 2018 General Discussion

    A couple reports of over 5" of rain in Davenport since yesterday afternoon. Quite a bit of street flooding and flooded basements on the local news. Picked up another 0.18" this morning bringing the total since last eve to 1.21".
  19. EastCoast NPZ

    June Discobs Thread

    Even the death star had a weakness.
  20. Hurricane Agnes

    E PA/NJ/DE Summer 2018 OBS Thread

    Finally getting a very light rain. It's been going for about 15 minutes and it finally tipped the bucket for 0.01" (so far). May still have to pull out the hose today. Temp is currently 69.
  21. Damage In Tolland

    June Is Bustin' Out All Over - Pattern and Model Discussion

    Models unanimously are advertising a massive east coast ridge and big big heat June 28-July 8. That is going to be hell of a hot period for us. Better get some decent rain before then

    June Is Bustin' Out All Over - Pattern and Model Discussion

    We should start cranking heat as the calendar turns. You can see the flow in the west atlantic begin to pump sustained heights on euro.

    Summer GTG???

  24. buckeye

    Coldest wind chill by state

    top thread 6 pages on windchill... ....in the summer.
  25. bluewave

    summer banter thread

    Check out the magnitude of the most recent big temperature swing. The size of the area that flipped from record cold in April to record hot in May was the largest for any month, in an year, for any place on Earth. (last 100 years). twitter.com/Climatologist4… 5:06 PM - 20 Jun 2018
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