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Jan 18-19 Storm Threat: Bob Chill made me do it


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I seriously apologize for my outbursts last night.  I was almost through a handle and was sitting by the fire pit.  I decided to stay outside and watch the snow.  It stopped four a couple hours and I panicked.  I ended up sleeping (passed out) outside.  I was covered by 4 inches of snow in the morning. No blanket just my jacket and snow pants.
My wife couldn't find me and called me at 6 am.  The call woke me up to a winter wonderland!  
F the Jeb walks!  Just bitch, sleep outside during a storm, and see what you get!  I was a cold old man this morning!
With all the Georgetown jokes, I'm hoping for legendary status for years to come.

Passing out drunk outside during a snowstorm and waking up covered in 4” of snow is legendary. But yeah, you’re never gonna live last night down
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