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Storm total from yesterday 3.18 at the gauge about half a mile from my house. The 30 minute total of 1.8" and the 2 hr total of 3.16 are both about 25 years floods per the precipitation frequency server. I was driving home in it near peak rainfall rates, thankfully my route didn't have any real low spots, but it was some of the toughest driving conditions I've been in

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Still getting a good amount of rain this afternoon coming in from the ocean. Much heavier than depicted on radar. Pouring actually. But showery. 

Friday/Sat am 4.35 in

Didn't rain Saturday afternoon Saturday night and all day Sunday until overnight 

Monday overnight/morning .31

About .14 with last shower. Still coming.

Feels a lot nicer though and mugginess is finally dampened by the cooling breezes and rain.

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Y’all, we are doing autumn right this year! Most or many of us had our last 90 degree temperature right after Labor Day, around September 9 or so. Nights thereafter have been mostly chilly, days mild to somewhat warm. The Triad has already had days with highs in the low 60s. Fireplaces have been started up, jackets are all the rage. I love autumn!

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Absolutely! The best way to measure such a streak I can think of is to count consecutive days between 40 and 80 degrees, as these temps roughly delineate summer from fall from winter. More than about ten straight days is somewhat rare which is a bit surprising. In data going back to 1980, 2003 was the grandaddy of all falls with not one, but two streaks of 10 days plus. Also,  between Sept 20 and Oct 20 is the typical time range for "true fall" (if you will) is to occur. This year could have had a good streak going, but a couple warm days interrupted it. Even so, it has been consistently fall-like and should remain so for the foreseeable future, and should make a run at an impressive streak!



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